Mar 20, 2013

Thursday 03.21.13 -- Alternate WOD

Run 5K.

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Open Games WOD 13.3 will post shortly after 1900.  If you are not participating in the Games, or are planning to do 13.3 over the weekend...put your running shoes on.  Compare to 02.07.13.

Two recommended run routes starting and finishing near Harney shown below. Share any other favorites (on post or local) and we'll add them to the Run Route library (work in progress).
  • 5K loop -- start & finish on 4th street by the bubble. Around the golf course to Kearney and Sherman.
  • 5K out & back -- start by the bowling alley STOP sign, turnaround just short of stables.

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