Mar 13, 2013

Pre-WOD 13.2 Open Notes

ROUND 2!  WOD 13.2 posts at 1900 tonight on the Games Site, we'll re-post it here as quickly as possible. Here's what you need to know for this week:
  • We will do 13.2 as a community tomorrow morning in the Bubble from 0545 until complete.
  • Same timeline: 0515 - Judges show, 0545 - WOD brief and demo, 0600 - first "3,2,1...GO!"
  • Reminder, priority of support (both equipment and judges) goes to registered athletes during this period.
  • If you can't make Thursday AM, there are other sessions already scheduled Fri/Sat.  Continue to use the "13.2 Judge Coordination" post.
  • Make sure you get your scores submitted online before the deadline (Sunday, 1900 local).
Words of Wisdom.
"What a shot to the ego — 155 reps on 13.1.  I'm OK with the score, but when guys whose max snatch isn't much more than 165 lb. are beating me when I've snatched twice that much (at some point at least), it's very humbling and impressive…I stepped way outside of my comfort zone today and will continue to do so daily as I strive to improve this new addiction that I have. How about you? Ready for 13.2!"
- Chad Vaughn, 2-time Olympian and national clean and jerk record holder (190kg) in the 77kg body weight class.

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Mike D said...

Just watched Iceland Annie wreck this one! I will be in the bubble at 1200-1330 as a reminder! 3,2,1,-Go!