Mar 6, 2013

Pre-WOD Open Notes.

LET'S GET IT ON!  WOD 13.1 posts at 1900 tonight on the Games Site, we'll re-post it here as quickly as possible. Here's what you need to know:
  • We will do 13.1 as a community tomorrow morning in the Bubble from 0545 until complete.
  • Priority of support (both equipment and judges) goes to registered athletes during this period. Once we push them through, we will assist with additional heats for non-registered athletes and scaled versions of the WOD.
  • Timeline: 0515 - Judges show, 0545 - WOD brief and demo, 0600 - first "3,2,1...GO!"
  • Competitors - if you can't make the Thursday morning session, there will be a "Judge Coordination" post you can use to coordinate a linkup on Thursday, Friday, or (in special cases) Saturday/Sunday.
  • Review the Rulebook! You are responsible for submitting scores online before the deadline.
Any questions?  Post to comments or bring them Thursday morning...along with your A-game.


Carlos Zayas said...

I'll not be able to make it in the morning because my schedule but I'll be on the afternoon

rob said...

Carlos - send me an e-mail and I'll get you linked up with someone who can help you schedule a judge;

Noah said...

For anyone interested, I can be in the Bubble anytime from 0730-1000 on Thursday to judge. Not the entire 2.5 hours but somewhere in there I could do 90 minutes or so of coverage. Let me know either here on the blog or text me at (913)553-8757.

Andy said...

Thanks for starting the crosstalk. A Judge Coordination forum will post shortly...sole purpose will be to work out linkup times outside Thursday morning. Sorry for the delay, stuck in some mandatory training.