Mar 24, 2013

Paleo Diet -- Recipes & Resources
When people are considering a paleo challenge or are new to the paleo diet, one of the most frequently asked questions is, "what will I eat?"  The short answer is what you see in the revised food pyramid at right.  However, the diagram doesn't give you a great feel for what that actually means in terms of meals and recipes.

Click on Read more>> for a collection of popular paleo recipe websites (and some cookbook titles as well) that many have found to be helpful resources over the long term. As with any diet (or exercise program), variety is key to keeping things interesting and staying motivated!

- Brandi


  • Everyday Paleo, by Sarah Fragoso
  • Practical Paleo, by Diane Sanfilippo
  • Paleo Comfort Foods, by Julie and Charles Mayfield
  • Well Fed, by Melissa Joulwan
  • Make It Paleo, by Bill Staley
  • Paleo Slow Cooking, by Chrissy Gower
  • The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, by Mark Sisson


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Alice Taylor said...

Thanks for this comprehensive Paleo diet recipes and tips. The low carb diet is what I'm looking for since I just finished the 3 Day Military diet where I lost around 6 pounds. The need to eat right, practice portion control and count calories is crucial if you want to keep the weight off. In addition, exercising and having a sound goal are also important. If you need to review the military diet, here's a great link

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