Mar 28, 2013

Friday 03.29.13

“The Med-Ball Mile”
In two-person teams, perform 8 rounds for time alternating between:
200m Med-ball run (20#)
Max rep Burpees

*Penalty for grounding the ball (intentionally or otherwise) is 5 burpees per team member. 

Detailed instructions below -- post time and total (non-penalty) burpees to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Plan for a 0530 linkup for a 0545 start time at the track.  Coordinate additional group starts in comments!

QUICK EDIT -- OK, maybe the math below doesn't work out.  Either use 2 balls, or use a 100m down-and-back course.  We used the football field this AM.

In a a two-person team, grab one 20 lb ball per team and head for the track. Position yourselves 200m apart, 180 degrees out on the track at the waist (not the ends), with one member carrying the ball. On “go,” the member with the ball begins running around the track with the ball to hand off to the other member. While that member is running the other member begins - what else?  Burpees!  Members hand off the ball every 200m in alternating fashion until the team completes one mile (800m total running distance each person).

Your score is the elapsed time to complete the mile.  Tie breaker is team total burpees.  Penalty for grounding the ball intentionally or otherwise is 5 burpees per team member.  Penalty time spent on burpees counts toward your total time, but not total burpees.

REMINDER -- Charles will be in the Bubble for regular monthly maintenance Friday at 1500.  If you can make it, a few extra hands are always welcome.

  • "Embrace the Pain" - a quick read, love the message.  Not advocating exceeding your capabilities, or sacrificing technique for the sake of a few reps/seconds.  But we all have a little extra in the tank, a little in tap into it you need to acknowledge your mental boundaries and find ways to break trough them.  Only 7 minutes on 13.4...give it all you've got.
  • "Round and Round" - given the apparatus in this WOD, Retro Jukebox wants to play some AC/DC but we'll stay classy on Good Friday.  Which means it's RATT (1984) and some hair metal taking you into the weekend.  Have a great one.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Back Squat (1RM ~300lb)
5-5-5-5-5 @ 225/245/225/225/225

Freelance METCOM

400m run
25x box jump (24")
25x reverse lunge
25x split squat
25x squat
400m run
25x push-ups
25x HSPU (green/blue assist)
25x pull-ups
25x dips

Shoulder mobility

Andy said...

Team WOD with Charles, 7:50 (with an unplanned :20 rest for reveille) and 115. Some real easy ring work and stretching afterwards.

Good WOD, different flavor than many of our Team WODs. Kind of depends on how you approach it...a few short runs with some burpees in between = no big deal. 7-10 mins of working as hard as you can = pretty intense. Hit it hard and use the extra time for skill and mobility work afterwards.

Allan Jackman said...

8:45 & 95 burpees. Followed by squat clean practice.

Erin Anderson said...

9:11 Darin & Erin, 68 burpees

IndiraDonegan said...

will the bubble be open on SAT? I want to do 13.4 again...

monroe said...

Yes, the bubble is open for the Open at 1100 on Saturday.

scottnkelly9901 said...


17:31 for METCON

janakehau said...

9:07 and 60 burpees. Fingers froze on that grass this morning but the team didn't drop the ball...small victories...

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