Mar 14, 2013

Friday 03.15.13

“Pull up the Plank, Shoving Off for the Weekend”

In two-person teams, 15 rounds for time:
Pull-ups (Descending: 15, 14, 13...2, 1) or (Ascending: 1, 2, 3...14, 15)
Plank hold

A team of two does pullups in an opposing pyramid scheme, with one member starting at 15 reps and the other at 1 rep.  While one member is doing pull-ups, the other must hold a plank, even on rest periods in broken sets.  The planking member may not release the plank until their partner has assumed a plank position.  In other words, one team member must be in the plank at all times.

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Coach's Notes. 
Glad that Open WOD 13.2 wasn't pull-up heavy...or this would have needed a hasty redesign.

Reminder -- judges will be available for Open WODs around 0615-0630 after Team WOD, and other times are listed on the Judge Coord post. If you can, come out on Saturday to support the Main Session at about 1300 after Foundations!

UPDATE - read Outlaw's 13.2 Strategy blog here.  More resources below.

Informative and Festive Videos.
  • "Open WOD 13.2 Guide" - comprehensive source for warmup, technique, efficiency, and recovery tips.  Includes an embedded strategy guide from "The Dream Team."
  • "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" - planks, St. Paddy's there was any other choice.  Dropkick Murphys taking you into the weekend!


Ross said...


Did 13.2 last night posted on yesterday's wall.

This morning did "1862" The year the University was founded. Ran the cadets through a Team workout in teams of 3 or 4. Run as a team within arms length. Then on exercises only one team member can work at a time.

Run the dome / stadium seats twice
120 Pull Ups
200 Air Squats
200 Dips
200 Box Jumps
200 Sit Ups
200 Kettle Bell Swings
200 Wall Balls
342 Jump Ropes
200 Push Ups
Total = "1862" Reps
Run the dome / Stadium seats twice

All were in the 40 - 45 min range.

Then on my own went over and did some box jumps for height, worked on Hand Stand free balance for a while and did some OHS.

Andy said...

Cool stuff, Ross. Sure as hell beats the endless pushups and ruck runs I used to do as a cadet.

Unfocused morning for me. Missed out on Team WOD, will try to get some weighted PU and GHD work in later today.

Jake78 said...

Joel and I did this one in under 5 minutes. Got tough towards the end. The "end" for us was 10 though, 15 was pushing it for my shoulder!

Looking forward to the On-Ramp tomorrow, have a bunch of students over here at the IPO going.


Russ Ames said...

15:18 for Paul and I.