Feb 26, 2013

Wednesday 02.27.13

EMOM for 30 minutes, perform:
5 Pull ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Post number of rounds (on time/additional) to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Most athletes will find staying on pace for 30 minutes impossible. Keep going until you cannot finish the round in the 60 seconds allowed, and note rounds completed. Then, continue to work...complete as many rounds as you can (AMRAP style) for the remainder of the 30 minutes.

Your score will reflect number of rounds completed on the minute, and rounds completed after falling behind (e.g., 12/9).

Scaling. Many ways to scale (reduce rep scheme, modify movements, use bands, shorten overall time, etc...). You can start Rx, then when you bust time revert to scaling. Your choice, just be consistent so that when you do Chelsea again in a month (or 3, or 6...) you can make a valid comparison and bask in all the progress you have made!

If you have a full Rx Chelsea under your belt, you can ratchet it up +1 (6/11/16 reps), +2, or so on...

SIDE NOTE - if you missed out on heavy back squats due to snow, try to get some in this week. Lunchtime session, end of day, or work them in Thursday...even if you need to reduce sets to 5 or 3.

Training Videos.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

20rds / 7rds + 5 pull-ups

hit the proverbial wall at 20rds (mental and physical).

Jacob Heppner said...

7 sets of:
2x Hang CLN
1x Jerk

Then, 3x5 Push Press (185/185/205)

4 rounds of:
12x Air Squats
10x Box Jumps
8x Dips
6x Thrusters (95x)
4x Burpee Pull-Ups

Ross said...


Reduced time schedule today after Cadet PT for a campus visit, did not have a full 30 min of "ME" Time so I passed on Chelsea, and worked on OHS, and Squat Snatches for 15 min, hopefully today goes quick and I will have time later.

Andy said...

Chelsea in the book, had avoided that one for a long time. Made 30, not sure I would have made 31. Definitely a mental aspect to that one. Pushups were the hard part, form got a little loose toward the end.

Ed said...


30 rds / as Rx

Consistently finished each round with around 15-18 seconds left, I'll add a rep to each next time. Agree with Andy, the pushup form was probably hardest to keep accurate, since the tendency on a few rounds was to start on the 'APFT'-style pushups and not get chest to deck.

Russ Ames said...

30 rds for me and Paul. Will +1 next time.

rob said...

30 rounds. This is much easier than Cindy where my goal is always 20+ and it wipes me out getting there. But a good change.

I did some TGU work afterward. Andy informed me that he used TGUs for his shoulder rehab and I think I'm ready for it. My shoulder is extremely weak for any lifts overhead and HSPU. It's time to focus on the strength part of rehab.

Jess said...

10 rounds this morning- had to drop to knees after 4 rounds

monroe said...

I did something disgusting and abhorrent today for lunch: 100 wall ball and 100 burpees. Started on 100 KB swings but ran out of time. I'll try to get to Chelsea later this evening when I have a full 30 minutes. Good work by you animals that got 30 rounds. Sorry for the ho-hum programming!

Noah said...

I clearly must be doing something wrong since everyone else seemed to dominate Chelsea with no trouble at all. As for me, anything that involves pushups crushes my will to live. 8 rds then 10 rds.

Nice work to everyone else, I tip my pushup cap to thee.

Jared said...

I am with Noah on this one. Got 11 plus 8 and felt fairly well whipped. Pull ups are my goat and they really make my shoulder hurt.

monroe said...

I wussed out, came home and did some Oly work at about 75%. I think I'll try Chelsea tomorrow.

Matt B. said...

Made up the 7x3 back squat workout. Forgot without clothes, but luckily I wore jeans today instead of slacks. 185, 195, 205, 205, 205, 215, 215. And I didn't split my new jeans.

Matt B. said...

That would be workout clothes. My phone trying to get me in trouble...

Allan Jackman said...

Late post, I got 15 then 8. Push-up work is needed.

Ross said...


Made this up on Friday 1 Mar
EMOM for 30 minutes, perform:
5 Pull ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Made all 30 rds - good workout.