Feb 12, 2013

Wednesday 02.13.13

15 x 50 yard swim repeats.
Rest exactly one minute between laps. 

Post total time and slowest/fastest splits to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Swim 15 laps (down and back, 25 yds each way at Harney) for time, 750 yds total if you're counting. Alter strokes as desired, but each lap should be at about an 80% effort.

Warm up well and try to maintain a consistent pace across all of your splits.

Rules of the Pool. We have two lanes reserved, 0530-0730. Given the format and built-in rest of this workout, we should be able to operate effectively out of just a couple lanes. If we have room to spread out, coordinate with the guard on duty to do so...please just be mindful of the regular morning lap swimmers.

Training Videos.
  • "Efficient Swimming" - from active.com, with triathlete Dave Scott.  Discusses some basic fundamentals and solid tips.  Concise review at 2:44.
  • "Todd Does the Butterfly" - for your viewing pleasure, and for no particular reason.


Allan Jackman said...

I'll be there at 0530, anyone else?

rob said...

I'm looking for a 0515 start. I know it's a little earlier than what we are scheduled for, but the pool traffic usually doesn't pick up until 0600.

rob said...

Are you sure that was Todd? It looked like Michael Phelps to me.

Jared - are you available at 515? I think I know the answer, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Jared said...

0515? That is draconian. What is this, the Army? If I happen to wake up before 0430 I will come in but I wouldn't wait on me.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

For max distance
Row 6x[90:90]

Total = 2428m


Push Jerk
5-5-5-5-5 @ 135lb

Jared said...

Did 8x100yds on the 2min. All sets were between 1:34 and 1:47.

Andy said...

29:35 total, splits ranged from :56 - 1:05. No lifeguard actions required, happy about that.

Need to really tighten up body position and my kick. Finished with one lap using a leg buoy at :59. So basically, my kick is serving no purpose but to slow me down and tire me out. Awesome! Still, good to get in the pool.

rob said...

Urinalysis for me this morning; they caught me just as I was headed out the door. P/T conference and wrestling practice this afternoon/evening so no swim for me today. I might make it up this weekend. I was hoping to get Phelps' autograph this morning!

Jared said...


Core must be solid just like any lift. Good neutral lumbar spine to bring hips to the surface. First rule of legs is to not cause extra drag so they must be aligned behind torso and drafting of off the upper body. If the core is soft then the legs hang below causing massive drag. No manner of leg power will overcome poor leg position. Avoid a pull buoy, force yourself to tighten the glutes, tilt the hips and bring your legs to the surface.

Rob - Wondered what happened to you this morning. I was actually able to climb out of bed this morning. Hope you passed your test.

Jared said...

Rob or Andy -
I generally swim during my kids swim class - Tue/Thurs 1650 - 1720. There are always open lanes. If you want to stop by the pool I am generally there. Let me know so that I am sure to not swap duties with my wife.

monroe said...

Wow, I need to swim more often. Flip turns are my new goat. Worked on rotating around my central axis and kicking from the hips vice from the knees. Fastest was 54 secs, slowest 62.
Started the day in the garage gym with mary. Did 4x25 squats, 18 dead hangs PU's, 25 push ups, some ring dips, some KB work. I'm trying to get 2 workouts in every day, with one of them being play, messing around.

I have a stand up desk at work, have had it for about a year now. Last night I added an incline board to stretch my heel cords and counteract all the DU practice I've been into. Made it from the scraps of the jump boxes I built. Feels pretty good!

Andy said...

Jared - makes perfect sense, need to tie it together with more practice and time in the pool. Thanks for the offer, will get in touch to take you up on it.

Matt B. said...

I'm still kinda speechless - another plug for CrossFit, for core-to-extremity, and for technique before volume. As a former tri-guy I sucked in the swim portion - in one race I was 197th out of the water out of 198, beating the 80 year old man. I read books, watched videos, sought advice, and spent lots of time in the pool. My fastest 50yd, kicking and pulling with everything was about :58, but usually more like 1:00 to 1:05. And I could only do one at that intensity. Haven't been in the pool for over a year, and today my split times were between :46 and :51. Jared, Andy, you hit it. I just read that in BMac's new CrossFit Endurance book, and was glad to try it out. I focused hard on keeping the core tight and lightly "fluttering" from my glutes - whereas before I had a weak middle, dragging two flailing anchors. The sets today where I kept the strong core, I glided through the water with barely an effort, with an arm pull that started from the hip drive, and got the :46-:48 times. When the core got weak, the legs started kicking harder, arm pull came from the shoulders, and I got times in :50-:51. Amazing. Core to extremity principle in action. Technique before volume paying off. Transfer of METCON gains from row, run, and other WODS to a whole different sport METCON. Amazing. Why isn't everyone doing this!

I just started running with a tight core in the last month; now I'll swim with a tight core too! Hollow rocks were key in understanding the sensation of holding the core tight.

Jess said...

First few laps were right around the 1 minute mark after that I slowed to about 1:05-1:08 per lap. Great workout, love getting into the pool!