Feb 5, 2013

Wednesday 02.06.13

“Nasty Girls”
3 rounds for time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle ups
10 Hang power cleans (135/95)

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Coach's Notes. 
While not quite on the same level as the "Girls" workouts, this one is a notable benchmark and a smoker. Full ROM on all your movements. Hook grip on the HPCs to save your grip!

Standard sub for MU is 3 pullups and 3 dips (on the rings if possible). If you have MUs but can't string 7, get what you can each round and finish off the difference with pullups/dips.

Training Videos.
  • "WOD Demo: Nasty Girls" -with Paradiso Crossfit.  Talks movement standards and some scaling techniques.
  • "The Original Nasty Girls" - don't worry, safe for work and family! One of the "early classic" CF workouts and demo videos from CrossFit.com. From about 10:20 on, you see Nicole digging deep to finish the WOD. Whatever she lacks in form she makes up for in determination.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

scaled MUs with blue band (round 1 and 4 reps of round 2) and green band (remaining) on pull-up bar

5 rounds (not for time)
20 C2D Push-ups
10 T2B

Jacob Heppner said...

Because I was called out yesterday for the workout, and I didn't show up in the morning to complete it. I did it late yesterday night. 10 rounds of 10x K2E & 10x box jumps: 6:36. Then layed on the floor in a heap.

Meghan Smith said...

21:29...did pull ups and push ups--shoulder won't allow dips--and 70#. It was definitely slower than I would have liked and debated if I should have scaled the pull ups to move faster.

Jared said...

19:43 1st round of MU band assisted and and first two reps of round 2 and 3 before moving to the pullup bar and ring dips. Devastating.

Noah said...

14:52 Rx'd. I decided to start slow on the MU's and taper off from there. I am confortable with single MUs, where I allow myself to readjust my false grip each time. I cannot, however, keep my false grip as I come down in the rings which would allow me to string 'em together. Someday...

Ross said...


I knew this would come up sooner or later, since moving here I have not found a good place to hang rings and do MUs, I have only done them once since moving and that was TDY. The most I can usually get is dips in. Now so motivation to figure this out before the open I guess. So today I subbed 21 Pullups and 21 dips for the 7 MUs each round.

3 rounds for time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle ups (subbed PU and Dips x3)
10 Hang power cleans (135/95)

Time - 13:55

Andy said...

12:33 Rx - ran out of gas on rd 3. Think my round splits were ~ 2:00/3:00/7:30. Need to work on full deadhang at bottom for Games standards though...some felt sketchy. Max box jumps and handstands to finish out.

Way to Heppner yesterday's WOD, Heppner!

Ed said...

Plans team workout this morning, some wicked hill repeats at Chambers Bay golf course ... not bad. I will definitely do this one tomorrow morning to try and be within 10% of Andy's time ... hopefully the wrist holds out.

rob said...

No MUs for me and I didn't even consider it. MUs won't be on the radar until at least June. Sub'd PU/dips. 14:13

I did get 5 HSPU and could feel all strength drain out at #5. I'm treating HSPU as a goat and working them to get capacity back.

Jake78 said...

14:53 as RXed.

For whatever reason, my shoulder can take MUs with no issue, however presses and jerks are shoulder popping experiences!

I do need to work on getting some different wraps for my wrists. Currently using some lengths of engineer tape, but they fall off after about two reps so I have to constantly re-wrap them. Of course the break is nice...

Take care!

Matt B. said...

14:50. Rx weight. Got 11 real MU (5/4/2), the rest I did as progressions from sitting. Also have to release the ring and redo the false grip. Can't yet (haven't tried) lowering down then going right into next MU.

Coaching: showed one teammate how to do MU progressions. Showed another teammate (2nd WOD ever) how to do med-ball cleans and gave her a scaled WOD: 2-3 rnds of 20 squat, 7 band-assisted dips, and 10 MBC. Watched Doc give someone else coaching on cleans. Interesting to find out there is a difference between CrossFit "push jerk" and the Olympic jerk. A push jerk won't count in Oly competition.

monroe said...

Nasty Girls 16:58, scaled. Had to go to jumping MU's after #4 on the first set, used 115 for the hang HPC's.
Matt B., where are you getting that rule? Push jerks count in meets, I've used them sucessfully.

Russ Ames said...

15:24 scaled to 115, with 5 unlinked MU in R&D 1, 2 in R&D 2' then substituted 3/3 for the others. Should have done jumping.

Ed said...

10:39 with Rx weight. Caveat on ROM at bottom of MU. I was only consistently extending on the first round and got all seven strung together. Following rounds were weaker at the bottom and I didn't get full extension. Best string in rounds 2/3 was 2...so lost time doing singles and resetting grip.

Hook grip was a huge improvement on the HPC, though I still broke rounds 2 & 3 into sets of 6+4.

Felt like pukie was close at the finish, which is about right I think.