Feb 18, 2013

Tuesday 02.19.13

Three rounds, 9-7- and 5 reps, for time of:
Squat snatch (135/95)

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Coach's Notes. 
A classic couplet of two difficult, technical movements executed at high intensity. It's a tough one to complete Rx...if you are going for it, strive to meet full standards before you seal it with the Rx stamp. Otherwise scale appropriately, some ideas here:
  • Muscle ups - standard sub is (4:1) of pullups and dips, preferably on the rings. Both movements can be further scaled with bands for assistance.
  • Squat snatch - scale the load first, then the movement if needed. Potential options are a power snatch to overhead squat, or power snatch alone. If you are new to snatch, consider subbing full squat cleans.
If you scale movements, recover and dedicate some post-WOD time to skill work targeting your deficiency. Work MU transitions from the floor, Burgener warmup snatch progressions, or empty bar squat snatches or drop snatch.

Training Videos.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


Scaled MUs with blue/green band assist (blue band for all but seven reps of first set)

Scaled snatch to 75lb - light but I was able to get under the bar in full squat.

On the rebound from last week's/weekend's head cold.

Ross said...


Made up yesterday's posted on that WOD, will have to get to this one later today or tomorrow.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels (round 2):

3 mile run @ 29:06 and 155bpm (~1min recovery)

10x10 pull-ups (not timed)
5x5 T2B

Russ Ames said...

0 min for paul, 12:21 for me...scaled to 65 lbs, and muscle ups from box. Got the best form, depth and stability I've ever had with the snatch, albeit at 65. Good programming, a partner to coach me, and LOTS of stretching got it there. now to start adding weight!

Andy said...

Amanda - 10:19 at 115.

Decent snatch, a little trouble landing balanced...flat missed one on the last round. Strung MUs well, tried to force ROM at the bottom with external rotation...started OK, short-armed them as I got tired.

Levers, handstands and L-sits to finish. Hardcore in Hohenfels with the 2-a-days!

Matt B. said...

Started at 95#, got 3 squat snatch, lots of fails, then moved to 75#. First time doing squat snatch, instead of power snatch.

Probably about 15 minutes for the WOD. 21 MU in one day is a PR. I still have to get my false grip with feet on the ground; could'nt seem to get it from a short jump. Tried a kipping MU without a false grip and couldn't get those either. Slow and steady, with lots of rest -> 21 MU.

Noah said...

11:!0 with 75# squat snatches.

First WOD in 13 days thanks to the chest infection I had. If you have a chance to get the crud that's going around I strongly recommend you pass.

rob said...

I concur with John P.'s comment this morning that there were quite a few goats running around the bubble this morning! I went light with squat snatch and executed at full ROM - 65lbs. I skipped the MUs so did a whole bunch of pull ups and dips. I did MU progression and my shoulder felt quite strong. I'm going to incorporate them into my warm up a few times a week. Time was 13:50.

monroe said...

12:02, 125lb snatch and 7 of the MU's were with a little jump. Two weeks ago I couldn't get one MU due to illness, lack of practice. I've been doing a lot of strict dead hang and jumping pullups every day along with ring dip practice. I attribute the turnaround to volume and focused practice.

This weekend I found a reverse hyper in a thrift store. What a wonderful machine! No kidding, my back feels better than it has in years. We have to get one for the bubble.