Feb 11, 2013

Tuesday 02.12.13

Hook grip is your friend!
Clean & Jerk 15-12- and 9 reps

Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

Post loads to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Watch the WOD demo below for a better understanding of how to approach this one.  Lots of tips...note the technique of resting in a bent-over, modified hang position. Also, note the substantial rest between sets (6-8 mins).  Partner up, alternate rounds, and motivate each other.

This WOD will test your ability to scale. If you start too heavy and foul out in the first set, drop some weight and start again at 15. May be useful to use "Grace" as a start point in determining weight. Compare to 11.08.12 or 12.19.12

Training Videos.
  • "WOD Demo: Gwen" - CrossfitHQ video with Sarah Hopping.
  • "Clean and Jerk" - short Burgener training video, demonstrates form on split jerk.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

As Rx'd @ 60kg (~133lb)

Total time = 19:11

Wow! Yet another name that I will not consider shouild I have a daughter.

No "fouls" but what if I did? Do would I repeat that round at a lighter weight? Redo the whole WOD at a lighter weight? Had I dropped, I'd planned to do the former (repeat the round). Just curious.

Jacob Heppner said...

GWEN, a new one for me.
15,12,9 reps of 185#.

Andy said...

Scott - no right answer. Preferred option is to do what you can to finish it out Rx. Rest, recover, and reattack at the same weight...or drop weight and try again from the beginning.

If you foul out in rd 2 or 3, you might not be in the best shape to start again from the beginning. I'd likely drop some weight and finish out the rep scheme. Or note the # of fouls and drive on.

You'd be training C&J, but it wouldn't be a Rx effort at for Gwen. But you'd have a better gauge for a start point next time around. Any differing opinions, please share/discuss.

Jared said...

Holy ego-check batman. Thought that I could do 155 - not close. Failed at 8 in the first round. Reset at 125 - really struggled to get through that. Probably bounced the bar a little too much and took LONG rests between sets.

Jared said...

Scott/Andy -
Because I failed in the first round I started over. Felt like I had to go to 125 though if I had not tried 155 I may have been able to complete at 135.
If I had failed in rounds 2 or 3 I would have dropped weight again and started that round over.
My form suffers greatly as I fatigue and I do not want to reinforce poor form (or hurt something) so lighter weight makes the most sense to me.

Russ Ames said...

115. Next time focus on pull and faster elbows. With fewer breaks in set. Jerks felt great. Glad you posted video of rest position....sure used it!

Ross said...


Wow that was a rough one especially coming off of yesterday's workout grip and legs were not what they usually are and over head presses are my strong point. My C&J were not the most efficient movements today.

Probably should have gone a bit lighter or taken longer breaks, was struggling to get through. Lost grip with only 2 reps left in last round, but time and exhaustion kept me from starting over - I just took it as a learning point and did my last two reps.

GWEN - 155 lbs.

rob said...

Good comments from all today - all the feedback helps me put my effort in perspective. Today's posts are how we intended the blog to work; thanks for asking questions and sharing.

I went with 115 and it was a good workout. But it wasn't a great workout. I should have used 125 or maybe 135. I didn't struggle on any reps.

I did 4 x 30 sec parallettes to finish.

Andy said...

First dance with Gwen, Rx at 125.

C&J felt strong like bull, grip was weak like canary. Like Russ, the hang rest position was a savior. Couldn't re-set the hook grip in the front rack. About 5 mins between sets. Will go 135 next time when I'm fresh but probably couldn't have handled it today.

Erin Anderson said...

55#, should have tried 65#.

monroe said...

Got up this morning and did 30 dead hang pull ups (10-10-10), last 10 weighted, 100 squats, 25 pushups to start the day.
For "Gwen," I figured if Rob said 115 was no problem, it would be a good challenge for me. I was right! Got through it, slow and steady.
Finished up with some handstands and double unders.

Jess said...

Did 55# this morning- could maybe have pushed 65#...will look at re-visiting this with a higher weight. Completed in 3:05 minimal rest between sets

Matt B. said...

85# as rx. Felt easy at first but grip caught up later. Afterwards, did another 7 reps at 95#.

janakehau said...

Gwen at 50# and am feeling it this morning. Might start at 55# or 60# next time, but gonna need that rest position!