Feb 4, 2013

Tuesday 02.05.13

10 rounds for time:
10 Knees to elbows
10 Box jumps (24/20)

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Straightforward  METCON today.  Re-posting some familiar efficiency tip videos below for both movements. Reduce your cycle times and transition times and you too can Heppner this WOD!

Pardon the preachiness -- time for some periodic reminders, especially for the morning masses:
    • If you are working out at peak hours, make sure to exercise some equipment awareness. Sharing gear is no big deal, unless you find out about it on round 7 when you get stuck waiting because someone else started using your box/med ball/rower. If you are jumping in on a WOD in progress, observe for a round to ensure you can do so without disrupting flow.
    • A general reminder to police your area when done. Make it a habit to strip weight and return equipment...don't leave it for the next person unless you do a positive handover. Individual contributions go a long way to keeping the Bubble in order.
      COACH'S CLINIC. At 0600, Mark will hold a clinic and prep session for this weekend's Foundations class. Attendance is highly recommended for all 9 Feb trainers, and encouraged for all L1 trainers.

      Training Videos.
      • "Efficiency Tips: K2E and T2B" - with Spealler/Chan of Park City CF. Using a similar kipping motion to your pullups helps to close your hip angle on K2E/T2B.
      • "Efficiency Tips: Box Jumps" - also with Matt Chan. Minimize time on the ground...rest at the top...maintain good head and body alignment throughout.


      scottnkelly9901 said...

      IMCF Hohenfels:

      14:04 as Rx'd

      Sometimes slow is smooth and smooth is fast...but sometimes slow is just slow.

      Erin Anderson said...

      12:26, knees didn't touch on a lot of them, tried to get a good rhythm though. Thx for the motivation Rob! Darin finished around 19, he needs to try Rob's penny counting method!

      Jacob Heppner said...

      Now I'm sad I missed this morning. I'll have to knock this one out at lunch or after work.

      Noah said...

      11:46 Rx'd. Grip was the limiting factor as I had to break up two of the sets of KTEs. Sets of 10 made it fairly manageable though.

      Andy said...

      9:14, started to drag on K2E by the end.

      Good session with Mark and the other trainers this morning. Appreciate every opportunity to practice. To clarify a reference from the Coach's Notes:

      Hepp·ner (verb): a) to complete a workout in a manner or fashion that defies reason, or; b) to post a score or time so outlandish that one might question its veracity, until one considers who posted it.

      Jared said...

      Left knee feeling very tender. Subbed ring push-ups for box jumps. 12:40 with 8 of 10 sets on the rings. Shoulders and grip smoked.

      Ross said...

      IMCF SD Det

      Way too much rest this morning.. This one had me wiped out after the 6th round. had to break up the last two sets of KTE.

      Time - 12:55

      rob said...

      The Penny Counting Method - it works great for infantrymen or others who struggle counting whole numbers. I picked it up from Neal Mayo. Mike A. had a great suggestion for counting this WOD. He said that if I would use a dime instead of a penny, then I could do just one round, place the dime down, and I'd be complete. That's why he's in SAMS and I barely made it through ILE!

      9:14 as RX'd. I wondered about the K2E as I haven't done very many since July. But my shoulder is coming along well and as I stated previously my biggest challenge is to not over do it.

      Andy - too bad we weren't doing this at the same time. I'm sure in an effort to out do eachother we would both have been under 9:00! Nice job.

      Russ Ames said...

      Makeup from Monday, posted there.
      12:24 for today's WOD. PAUL=13:37

      Good push by josh and Ed. Josh had 11-ish.

      Matt B. said...

      10:23 as Rx. 70% or so of my KTE didn't touch elbows or other skin. Hepp gave me the pointer (since he was already done) to widen my grip, and thus shorten the distance my knees have to travel. KTE video had some good pointers too.

      Sadr City King said...

      9:07 as Rxed last set had me reeling. Great coaches clinic and appreciate the support. Charles

      monroe said...

      Well...15:50 on a 20" box. Felt pretty good, though I need to learn to cycle faster.

      janakehau said...

      Very late with posting, but 13:30 for this one. Had to break up the K2E and used 20" box. Lots of fun with this one!