Feb 13, 2013

Thursday 02.14.13

Happy Valentine's Day!
Buy-in: Double-under skill work.

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

Cash-out: Open-focused skill work, see below.

Post loads and buy-in/cash-out activities to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Include in your warm up (buy-in): 3 sets of max reps double-unders (20 minimum per set). Then pick another exercise for cool down (cash-out) that you don’t do much of but KNOW it’s going to be in the Open games, the “goatier” the better.

What to expect? Based on the 2011/2012 Open workouts, all of the fundamental movements are game and these have also made appearances.

Gymnastics: Toes to bar / Burpees (and variations) / Muscle-ups / Hand release push-ups / Box jumps
Weightlifting: Wallball / Thrusters / Power & squat clean / Power & squat snatch

In the spirit of "constantly varied", expect some new twists in there as well. For what it's worth, the Open is designed to be inclusive. Most of the WODs are simple in design (not in execution), and if they include advanced movements (like snatch or muscle-ups) they are either at the end of a "chipper" or start light and get heavy (like a ladder format).

Training Videos.
  • "Deadlift Setup" - with KStarr. Unfortunately, just a teaser for a full length Journal video, but gets you thinking about consistency in the set-up and addressing spinal mechanics before grabbing hold of the bar.
  • "Teaching the Deadlift" - small group instruction with Erik Preston, Seminar Staff. Great cues for athletes and trainers alike.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

150x DUs (3 sets of 50) consistently stringing ~60 DUs. Thinking of buying a lighter rope. Currently have the RX Elite.

Deadlift (1RM = 365lb)
5x3 @ 294lb across

10 min handstand work (handstand holds and attempts at HSPUs)
3x10 Clapping Pull-ups

Ross said...


Started with 6 sets of 50 on DUs, first and third set I tripped up around 35, the other 4 sets I made it straight through 50 DU.

365, 365, 385, 385, 405 - felt really good on first two on 405 but lost form on the third one- maybe should not have jumped over 395.

Afterwards, did
Supported Pistol Squats 10 per leg, 5 per leg, 5 per leg, 5 per leg
3x10 OHS @95,
5 x 5 Squat Snatches @ 95
Handstands kicking to the wall then trying to hold them for as long as I could with feet away from wall in full balance (got a 5 sec, 10 sec, 8 sec balance).

rob said...

I got 39 DUs the first two times and 35 the third before tripping up. It wasn't a good DU day.

DL went well. I can feel it now walking up and down stairs. 185, 315, 335, 365, 385(f), 365.

I worked on HSPU and handstands against the wall. I did 5 HSPU followed by 4 x 30sec of handstand. Shoulder strength is still lacking but improving.

Ed said...


DU (unbroken sets after warmup): 67, 39, 84

DL: 295-315-335-335-315

Cash-out: 3 sets of five MU strung together. I have a hard time keeping false grip and achieving full extension at the bottom when stringing muscle-ups together. Will continue to work that.

Finished in the pool since we had shop PT yesterday - 500m in 9 minutes and change ... yes, I'm a slow swimmer.

Plan to work HSPU among other things tomorrow since we'll be on a four-day.

Happy Valentine's Day -

Andy said...

DU - went 100 for time, 2:03. First set of 45ish, but then couldn't find a rhythm and floundered on the rest.

DL: 295-315-325-325-325

Finished with MU work, then kipping HSPU. Got my first ever freestanding HSPUs, pretty psyched!

Jess said...

DL: 95-95-115-115-135

Matt B. said...

I cut my toe around 0200 this morning on a toy left on the floor, so I drove to the bubble (vice run) and passed on DU. HSPU to buy in. I may have gotten my first full ROM HSPU, but I didn't have an abmat set to really measure.
DL: 225-245-245-245-245. Just at the breaking point of losing midline stability, so I kept the weight the same.
Cashed out with butterfly pullups practice. Getting the rhythm down, but not while getting my chin over the bar. If I go for a full butterfly pullup, I lose MS on the way down from the first one...