Feb 6, 2013

Thursday 02.07.13

**Admin Note**
Tomorrow morning in the Bubble from 0500 to 0600hrs CSMs Greca and Parson will host 20 to 30 SGMs who are at Ft. Leavenworth for a conference.  We are asking for you to voluntarily schedule your WOD outside of that time so that they have max space in the Bubble (i.e. we'd like to make it an exclusive event for the SGMs). To assist in that effort we programmed a WOD that gets us outside of the Bubble (see below). Thanks in advance for supporting this effort.

Run 5K.

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
It's been a while -- compare to 07.11.12. Two recommended run routes posted below. Share any other favorites (on post or local) and we'll add them to the Run Route library (work in progress).

  • 5K loop -- start & finish on 4th street by the bubble. Around the golf course to Kearney and Sherman.
  • 5K out & back -- start by the bowling alley STOP sign, turnaround just short of stables.
Treat running as a skill...review video below for a quick rehash of stance basics, with links to additional vids on technique. If you have not been exposed to "Pose" running, watch the second video. If you find logic in his argument, more resources are available in CFE's running library.

COACH'S CLINIC. At 0600, Mark will hold the final clinic and prep session for this weekend's Foundations class. Attendance is highly recommended for all 9 Feb trainers, and encouraged for all L1 trainers.

Training Videos.


Jared said...

I plan on getting in the pool and can go early to assist in a swim clinic for anyone interested to work stroke efficiency or technique. If interested please reply and I will be at the pool by 0630. Otherwise I will hold my normal bankers hours and do my own workout at 0730.

Noah - I plan on swimming during our normal time regardless of show time.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Different take on today's WOD

49:10 @ 149bpm w/ 0:54 recovery

Compared to 16 Jan...
40:17 @ 157bpm w/ 1:20 recovery

As I continue recovery from my plantar fasciaitis, I need to regain my capacity for aerobic endurance.

Jake78 said...

Ran a partial "perimeter run" today. It was nice to get out and run around a bit.

Another reason I enjoy CrossFit. I am not a fan of running, but our workouts are hard enough, and the running WODs spread out enough that when they do pop, I'm not groaning. I almost am looking forward to it - almost ;-)


Ross said...


Did long runs (30+ mins) the past two days for PT with Cadets so I did a 5k Row At 140 drag setting.

Time: 20:42

Jared said...
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Jared said...

The pool always feels good. Did some stoke and kick drills then swam 1K

Russ Ames said...

Made up nasty girls from weds. Posted there.

Andy said...

5k - 21:03. A little off target but considering the amount of running I've done recently, I'll take it.

Scott, what's the recovery time...to return to some threshold BPM?

scottnkelly9901 said...

Andy, I keep track of how long it takes me to drop out of my aerobic zone immediately following the run/interval.

Matt B. said...

did 10x200m rows with 90s rest, then press/push press 5x5

Rows: 7 @ :42, 2 @ :41, 1 @ :40. Surprised by the consistency, even playing around with stroke rate across the sets.

Presses @ 95#. First two sets all shoulder press, last three all push press.

janakehau said...

Ran the 2-mile run route twice over down by the airfield (wind in your face irritating when heading south) so 4 mi(6.44km) @ 38:45. Yes, I'm slow. Very very slow.