Feb 24, 2013

Monday 02.25.13

15 minute AMRAP:
10 Kettlebell swings (2 pood / 1.5 pood)
10 Box jumps, 24/20 inch box
10 Ring dips

Post rounds completed to comments.

Coach's Notes. 

It's been a while since we programmed KBS, see the quick form refresher in the first video below. For a much more exhaustive (11:23) discussion, Again Faster covers the topic in the second video.

As always, work on good ROM on the ring dips. Aim for full extension at the top (with external rotation of the hands, not the caveman hunch/flex!) and biceps to rings at the bottom. Work on your kip...leverage the momentum imparted by your lower body. Vid below on that as well.

Scaling Guidance. If you scale, maintain the programmer's intent as much as possible:
  • KBS -- work as heavy as you can without compromising form and safety...you can scale the movement to Russian swings (arms parallel to the floor) or reduce the rep scheme.
  • Ring dips -- avoid bar or bench dips. Stay on the rings and use bands as needed for assistance. Ring dips add the element of lateral stability that you just don't exercise otherwise.

Training Videos.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Snatch+OH Squat
(1+5)x5 @ 95lbs


7rds + 3x DB swings

subbed KB with 70lb DB
scaled dips with bar dips (no rings)

Shoulder mobility

Jacob Heppner said...

5 rounds of:
50x one arm KBS alternating 24kg.
10x burpees
rest 1 minute.

"Measurement Space"
15 minutes of working time of:
3 min AMRAP box jumps
3 min AMRAP Wall Balls
3 min AMRAP Burpee Broad Jumps
3 min AMRAP tire flips
3 min AMRAP Row (calories)

Jared said...

5 rounds + 10KBS. Total lack of heart this morning. Ring dips were hard and only used band on the last three reps of the 5th round. Just not moving very fast.

Andy said...

Warmup/wait for equipment: DL x 3, worked to 335.

AMRAP: 8 rds + 10KBS, Rx. Heavy KBS broke me down after a while.

More handstands and light GHD work to finish.

Noah said...

5 rds plus 10 KBS, 10 box jumps and 1 ring dip.

Ring dips were combo of kipping and then band assist.

Ross said...


Subbed 70 lb Dumbbell for the KB.

8 rds, plus 10 KBS.

Finished off with some MU work from the knees, still no place tall enough to hang rings and let me go to a dead hang under the rings..

rob said...

I sub'd 5 x HSPU for 10 xring dips becasue 1) limited rings and 2) I need the HSPU work.

8 rds + 10 KBS + 10 BJ

Did some butterfly pull-up and kipping T2B skill work.

Jacob - how did Measurment Space work out? I've sized it up as a nasty cousin of FGB!

Jacob Heppner said...

Rob I. and I knocked it out together, I don't think its as bad as FGB but thats only because you have to walk across the gym for the tire/rower/wallballs and that wasted walking time is definitely appreciated. It was hard though.

Meghan Smith said...

8 rounds + 10 KB Swings. Rx KB and BJ, subbed 10 chest to ground push ups due to too much internal rotation on the dips. Push ups were by far the hardest part, but I stayed off my knees, so I was pleased.

Matt B. said...

Mark, Joni, Adam, Klaus, David, Mike, and I did Measurement Space at lunch. I counted
Box Jump @ 24" - 55
Wall Balls @ 20# - 44
Tire Flips - 20
Burpee Broad Jump - 2 lengths of Bubble
Row - 49 cal.
That get's a score of 255, almost half of which came from the box jumps.

Russ Ames said...

9 rds + 10 BJ....USED small Box on one rep due to gear shortage.

Jess said...

9 rounds plus 3 KB swings using 25lb (?) KB
Box jumps became step-ups in the second round due to sudden pain my my knee and scaled ring dips for box dips