Feb 17, 2013

Monday 02.18.13

4 RFT:
Round 1: Run 800m, 100 squats
Round 2: Run 600m, 75 squats
Round 3: Run 400m, 50 squats
Round 4: Run 200m, 25 squats

Post total time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Holiday Hours. Happy President's Day! The Bubble is operating on holiday hours for Monday, 0800-1700. Should be great morning weather for the track. Post to comments to coordinate start times.

As you are powering through a bunch of high-tempo squats (with run-fatigued legs) ensure you are adhering to movement standards. Remember the 4 points of performance. Help each other out -- use simple cues (lower!..chest up!...knees out!...heels!) to keep your partner moving well, they'll be better off for it.

Training Videos.
  • "Movement Demo: Air Squat" - From Reebok CrossfitOne.  Down and dirty refresher on what a good one looks like.
  • "Coaching the Squat" - courtesy of CFHQ. Katie Hogan drives home Points of Performance. Learn 'em, love 'em, live 'em.


rob said...

I'm going to be at the track at 0800 to do this one. It would be great to have some company for this.

Allan Jackman said...

I should be able to make it.

Andy said...

14:43. The squats added a little x-factor on the sprints, like running with ankle weights on. Good-sized group this AM, glad I got it in before the rain.

Scott S said...

Oh man, I felt like I had injected my legs with lead for the 600 meter run. 400 felt better and 200 was able to gut through. Good thing I have mentally developed an affinity for squats (or at least tricked myself to love them) Did not time it, but think that Andy started after me and finished before me, so I hesitate to even guess. We'll call it less than 20 and be happy.

Jess said...

This one took me about 30 min with the added bonus of pushing my baby tank around the track (babysitter got strep) while my friend pushed my other tank around. Best part was my 3yo yelling at me to do pushups as I was squatting then for about my last 25 squats having him on my back!

Meghan Smith said...

Opted for Karen after coaching this morning. Finished in 10:24, which is about a minute faster than last time. I want to be faster in it...not sure where I'm slowing myself down. It'll come!

Ross said...


Did this one Today, Tuesday Morning, spent yesterday, moving deer stands out of the woods and taking my oldest to have her braces off.

Time: - 14:42