Feb 10, 2013

Monday 02.11.13

SSG Sean M. Flannery
10 rounds for time of:
11 Chest-to-bar (CTB) pull-ups
22 Front Squats, 75lb

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
110 CTB Pull ups and 220 front squats with any weight is beyond the capacity of most of us mortals, let alone elite athletes. Get as far as you can with the prescribed movements and loads, even if that is one CTB and one squat as prescribed. After that, finish the rounds with a band or jumping pull ups and lower the weight of the front squat as necessary, just fight to perform the full range of motion. DO NOT train to failure, you have four more days of WODs to look forward to this week.

Take care of your hands!  A variety of tips in the article here. You'll be tempted to use a huge kip to get the extra height on C2B. Aggressive kipping creates potential for hand tears...

Hero WODs.  Last, for those new to the community, Hero WODs are a special brand of workout. They are named after CrossFitters from the armed forces or emergency service communities who gave their lives in service of a higher cause. For a full list, visit section 4.2 of the main site FAQ here.

"Sean" is the most recent Hero WOD, posted 22 Jan 13. A prominent member of the main site community provided the comments below; they do a fine job of capturing the essence of this form of tribute.
Hero WOD's are long, hard. Never easy. Experienced CrossFitters will grit their teeth and hunker down for a suckfest. Folks will go much longer than usual. They will refuse to quit. Many will refuse to scale. If you are new, as much as you might wish to do the same we will need to keep this in mind, and keep you safe. 
We honor SSG Sean M. Flannery today. We offer thanks to him and his spirit for his service and his ultimate sacrifice. We do this in our unique way by sharing a workout, pushing just a bit harder, trying to show respect for SSG Flannery by giving our all.

There's a rhyme and a reason to Hero WOD's. Sometimes movements were favorites of our Hero; oft times the numbers matter. Sean was killed 101122, thus 10 Rounds of 11 CTB PU, 22 Front Squats (75lb.). Another task-specific WOD, another couplet where we are given our job and asked to do it as quickly as possible.
There's a new Hero on deck. Fair winds and following seas young man. Prayers and tears to those you've left behind. 

Training Resources.
  • "WOD Demo: Sean" - with Crossfit Posse of Salt Lake City. Good insights throughout.
  • Two demos of C2B pull-ups from Gymnastics WOD:  "Kipping" and "Butterfly".


Allan Jackman said...

I'll bring some tape...

Matt B. said...

I signed up for the games, and I signed up to be a Team Red White and Blue fundraising athlete. I'll use the games as a vehicle to raise awareness and funds for TRWB - a not for profit with the goal of helping vets get reintegrated into society after returning from war. I encourage ya'll to consider signing up as well, for TRWB, or maybe for a cause closer to your own heart. www.teamrwb.org

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

What a way to start the week!

Plodded my way thru it at 31:52

Rds 1-2 as Rx'd
Rds 3-5 scaled to pull-ups (not C2B)
Rds 6-7 scaled to C2B with blue band and 65lbs
Rds 8-10 scaled to regular pull-ups
Rds 9-10 scaled to 55lbs

Struggled with the C2B PUs today even with the band - probably Monday morning stiffness. I could have completed the WOD at 75lbs but would have been spent for the remainder of the week.

Jake78 said...

That was brutal.

27:13 and I had trouble walking out of the gym.

Jacob Heppner said...

10,9,8,7,....3,2,1 of:
Double KB C&J 24kg.
Muscle Ups.

That hero WOD looked terrible.

Jared said...

Brutal 31:07
Was able to complete all FS @ 75 but scaled the C2B with bands during rounds 4-10. Hope that I can walk tomorrow.

Jared said...

Sunday I redid Friday's WOD at 75% 1RM. Posted the results on Friday page. Much slower, less power.

Erin Anderson said...
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Erin Anderson said...

36:32 scaled to 45# & regular pullups. (need C2B practice/flexibility or strength)

Thankful for hero's like Sean & to be able to hear his story!

Ed said...


30:04 ... aiming for under 30 min and missed.

RX through round four. Then C2B pullups went to standard kipping pullups through the end.

Surprising (or maybe not) how hard just 75 lbs is after the first 100 or so reps.

rob said...

I went unbroken for three sets and then maintained 6-5 pull ups and 12-10 on FS. This was a grinder that will be felt all week. There was a big crowd all paying respect by giving their best effort on behalf of a true hero.
21:46 as Rx'd

It's good to see Scott and Ed maintaining commo from outlying stations. Nice work.

Jared - what happened to our USMC brethren? TDY? Skipping this one?

Jared said...

Rob - my office mate is on the road this week. Will see if he checks in from Fort Hood. Lonely in the gym at 0730.

Ross said...


Time - 27:29

CTBPU made the whole way through, unbroken for 4 sets then broke each set into 6/5 reps to finish them off. These were all done with a big kip was able to make it through without ripping the hands rest of the week will suck.

FS used 95lbs for all sets, unbroken through 5 sets then used 12/10 each set to finish them off -FS

Andy said...

22:53 Rx. Thought I had Rob in my sights, but too many 11/6/5 FS sets at the end did me in. Looking forward to IM basketball tonight! Appreciate the FS observation from Matt. Little tweaks make a difference.

Jared, thanks for the follow up post on Friday. Good insights.

Awesome to see some newbies in from Sat's onramp -- "Sean" is a tough intro WOD, good job scaling and getting max benefit from it.

Matt B. said...

Forgot to record my work yesterday. 5 sets of front squat + pullups. Not a good day for either. After hitting a new FS PR last week, I could barely keep the bar on my shoulders with 135 yesterday. "high load, low rep" turned into 5 sets of FS at 135 (singles), 135, 95, 95, 95. Practiced butterfly on the pullup rounds, then kipping. Couldn't get a good rythm on either. Good day for DU though. Several sets of 20-30ish.