Feb 3, 2013

Monday 02.04.13

Great Valentine's Gift!

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3
Immediately follow each set with three box jumps.


3 rounds, no rest
10 KB swings, 10 pull ups

Post loads/times to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Compare to 01.23.13.  Similar format as before, but we increase the load for sets of 3 and incorporate dynamic strength work via the box jumps. Also, gauge your mini-METCON (KB weight and time) against your previous effort.

Youtube is full of feats of strength, but this second video is impressive. Not just the ridiculous weight in general, but his ability to maintain control and midline stability at rock bottom and explode up with that kind of weight. Something to think about if you find yourself looking to "drive up" as soon as you approach parallel. Work on getting comfortable at the bottom...will pay huge dividends on your squat clean and snatch.

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Training Videos.


Jacob Heppner said...

3 rounds:
10xKBS (1.5 pood)
10x Pullups
time: 1.46

100x KB Snatches for time (2 pood)

Ross said...


I worked up a bit on FS, did 135, 185, 225, 275, I think took to big of jump to 275, it felt that 275 was just too much today so dropped back down and did
245,245,245,245, 275 with the BJ inbetween each set - last set jumping back up to 275 felt better than my big jump at the beginning.

3 rounds
10xKBS (used 55lb dumbbell)
Time: 2:09 grip left me last set and came off the bar at 7 but jumped right back up and finished them off. That little hickup put me over my goal of 2 mins.

rob said...

FS 185, 205, 215, 225, 235(f2); I should have had 235 but lost focus.

2:14 (2 pood)

Jake78 said...

Just rocked out the strength component this morning. Did 85% 1RM 5x3 at 190lbs.

Will do the METCONish this evening.

Noah said...

FS 135-155-155-165-175.

METCON was 2:00 with 53# and kipping pu's.

Jared said...
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Andy said...

FS 185-205-215-215-225(0)- 205. Big fail at 225.

Mini-METCON: dropped KB from 2pd to 53lb, time went from 2:41 to 2:09. Estimated power calc (via BTWB) went up from ave ft-lb/s of 127 to 141. Less is more?

Keep power output in mind over the course of this week's programming, we'll revisit in a few days!

Jared said...

Took it easy on FS this morning. Tweaked my knee wrestling with the kids this weekend. 115,135,135,145,155

Then 2:12 for the metcon, at 24kg. Took the KBS slow, did not want to extend the knee.

Matt B. said...

Previous FS 1RM was 95#. Broke the code on front rack mobility today.
Today's WOD:
Then kept it going for a new 1RM of 185#

Mini-Met in 2:20 w/ 53#KB.

We have a new IMCF athlete joining us from TRAC. Joni came with Mark and I today. Great start!

Mike Anderson said...

Getting over a cold that kept me out last week.
FS: 225-275-275-305-305(1)
I finished with an extra set at 225x5
METCON:53# KB: 2:40.
I've lost all my kipping mojo. I need to find it again. If you see it in the Bubble, let me know.

monroe said...

Did this in my garage gym, no rack. Warmed up with lots of JR and C2 (it's chilly in the garage). Started with 8 sets of 5 95lb thrusters spaced about 30 seconds apart, because I need the practice. Then 5x3 155 across. Followed with the mini-metcon, untimed (and unbroken) with my 1 pood KB.

Jess said...

Feeling a little tweak in my knee so I didn't go too heavy (for me) on FS
then 2:25 with green band on PU and 25#kb

Ed said...

Working a day behind, so knocked this out on Tuesday 5 Feb.

FS: 185-205-205-215(fail on 3rd)-205

METCON: 2:21 w/ 53 lb KB ... working out solo never does well for me in these WODs, need to get a group.

Russ Ames said...

Metcon = 2:16