Feb 11, 2013

IMCF Open Games -- Judge Signup

Getting closer! The Games are just around the corner. We're finalizing the judging concept, but the main idea is to perform the 5 Open WODs on Thursday mornings (7 MAR to 4 APR) as the IMCF daily WOD.  We hope to catch the bulk of registered competitors during this main session to simplify support requirements, and then individually coordinate additional scoring sessions as required.

We'd like to solidify our pool of judges so we can finish off our plan to score and certify WODs. Ideally, we're looking for 15-20 total judges to give us some flexibility. Many of you have voiced an interest in helping out...please fill out the registration form below so we can add you to our judge roster.

NOTE -- the embedded forms below use Google Docs links, which may not be viewable on some government systems.  If you have trouble, try from a home computer.

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course certificate.
  • Attend initial judge standardization training. This will likely a 45-60 min session, sometime the last week of Feb (details TBD).
  • To the best of your ability, provide support from 6 Mar 13 - 7 Apr 13 to the Thursday morning main sessions and to additional makeup sessions.
General Responsibilities:
  • Review WOD description and movement standard video the evening it is posted (Wed).
  • Arrive at the Bubble Thursday at 0515 to assist with setup, attend the coach's review and participate in the athlete brief.
  • Strictly adhere to all prescribed movement standards and ensure the integrity of the IMCF scoring process.
Judges whom are also competing will rotate in after other athletes have completed WODs, or coordinate with a fellow judge to complete the WOD at another time.

Finally, we'd like all judges to fully participate for the entire 5 weeks. Understanding the busy nature of our lives, if you can't make every session then make as many as you can. Just because you might miss one or two sessions doesn't disqualify you from being part of the judging team. We appreciate the support!

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Matt B. said...

If there's a bottleneck, I'd be available for later in the morning too, after the first rush ... 0700-0800, or over lunchtime.