Feb 28, 2013

Friday 03.01.13

“It’s a Jumpy Thing”
Named after the inflatable picnic favorite. In this case, all the air and “jumpiness” is in you. No hotdogs or bug juice will be served with this event.

In teams of three, perform three rounds of:
Burpee broad jumps (full length of the Bubble, down and back)
Max reps - Double unders
Max reps - Jumping chest-to-bar pull ups (SEE NOTES)

At "3, 2, 1...Go," one team member performs burpee broad jumps (as the pacing exercise) while the other two perform double unders and pull ups. When one member finishes their burpee broad jumps, everyone rotates stations. One round is complete when each athlete has completed a burpee broad jump rotation. Continue for three rounds.

Score is team total of reps (burpee jumps, double unders, and pull-ups). Don’t over think the scoring, just try to keep count!

Post team score and time to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. 

Burpee broad jumps -- Do a burpee. Perform a standing long jump from where your feet land. Do another burpee, and so on.  Down the length of the Bubble, and back.

Jumping C2B Pull-ups.
  • Why jumping? -- Not a scaling technique today, it's Rx. Intent is to keep taxing your legs a bit through all 3 stations, and really to increase pullup VOLUME. You'll end up doing 6-10 mins of pullups...that will make you hit the wall no matter how good you are doing normal pullups. Jumping allows for very high volume, and will develop the hard finishing contraction needed for a good C2B.
  • Execution -- Pick something to stand on (plates, or use a moveable bar) to put the bar midway between your elbow and wrist with your arms extended overhead. Drop into a partial squat until you reach full extension, then jump and finish the pull with your arms/lats. The bar must touch your chest somewhere below the collar bone. Be sure to let arms come to full extension at the bottom after each rep.
CAUTION: Performed improperly, CTB jumping pull ups can mess you up. We’re talking rhabdo here. Drop from the bar, do not resist gravity. In a high volume scheme, eccentric movements (aka "negatives") are notorious for producing excruciating muscle soreness – and worse.

Training Videos.
  • "Jumping Pullups" - from Crossfit Paradiso. Everything applies on setup and execution, except we are going CTB at the top.
  • "Jump" - Retro jukebox in full effect. I know you were hoping for some Kris Kross, but Diamond Dave and Van Halen are the obvious choice here. Inseam-splitting kick jumps are much more functional than wearing your clothes backwards. Might as well...


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Freelanced today...

Deadlift (1RM ~365lb)
5-5-5-5-5 @ 275lbs

Answering the challenge of my S2 section...

30x wall balls (18lb)
30x SDHP (75lb)
30x box jump (20")
30x push press (75lb)
30x seated row (75lb)
30x push ups (C2D)
10x BW back squat (185lb)

As Rx'd 39:57

Jacob Heppner said...

Heavy Pause Front Squats
225,245,255, 265, 275, 285
Heavy Pause Back Squats
285, 295, 305

10 rounds of:
1x Back Squat 315#
10x Burpees

5x2 of 15# weighted Muscle-ups

Ross said...


No partner today, made up what I missed on Wed.
EMOM for 30 minutes, perform:
5 Pull ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Made it through all 30 rds - good workout..

Matt B. said...

Grace as Rx. 8:55. I may have fudged the counting on rep 6/7 so I did an extra one for good measure - 9:13. My C&J 1RM is 155#.

Then 3 rounds of 50 DU and 10 kipping pullups. Both used to be my strengths, but have diminished while I focused on improving goats.

Finished with 10 ball slams.
Watched two real good Again Faster Mic'd Instructor vids last night. Thrusters and ball slams. Jon Gilson provides some satisfying how-to's and why's for this engineering nerd.