Feb 21, 2013

Friday 02.22.13

Option A.  Team WOD (we'll save it for another day) revised for solo effort.

3 rounds for time:
Burpee broad jumps (~60m, or about the length of the Bubble down and back)
100 Double unders
20 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Option B. Bring the pain at home!

"Triple Decker Burpee Sangwich"
Use a stopwatch and keep a running time on your burpees. Stop the clock and execute the core exercises for quality, not time.
  • 50 Burpees
  • 25 Supermans (slow pace, pause at the top)
  • 30 Burpees
  • 25 Hollow Rocks (slow and smooth, deliberate pace)
  • 20 Burpees
Post total burpee time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Explanation of oddball movements below, see the demo videos for a visual.
  • Burpee long jumps -- Do a burpee. Perform a standing long jump from where your feet land. Do another burpee, and so on.
  • Supermans -- Lie flat on your stomach with your arms straight out in front of you. Raise your arms and feet off the floor simultaneously, keeping your core flat on the ground. Pause in the raised position and then lower your arms and feet back to the floor.
  • Hollow Rocks -- The starting position is lying on the back. Assume a "hollow position" with the pelvis is turned under (i.e., tail tucked), legs lifted slightly off the floor, head and shoulders lifted slightly off the floor with and arms positioned by the ears. From this position, rock smoothly back and forth, keeping the body tight, the hip angle constant (no piking of the hip), and the lower back rounded. Any thumping in the motion shows that the hollow position has been compromised...stop, reset, and resume rocking.

Training Videos.
  • "Burpee Broad Jump Demo" - courtesy of TeamCrossfitUSA.
  • "Superman Demo" - courtesy of XFitDaily.  The pace in the video is about right.
  • "Hollow Rock" - 2 vids that show how to perform it properly.
  • "Snow (Hey Oh)" - flux capacitor is broken on the retro jukebox, so we are taking it back only a few years to 2006.  RHCP taking you into the weekend...


Allan Jackman said...

Anyone know the hours for the bubble tomorrow or where I would find the info?

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Based on the info on the USAG Leavenworth site, all DWMR facilities are on the same 2-hour delay as the rest of post. So, they should be opening Harney Gym and the Bubble at 0700. Recommend checking the site or calling (913) 684-2190 in the AM to confirm.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

"Amanda" aggrevated my shoulder to the point that burpees were not going to happen today. Therefore did some strength training and oly skill work.

3-3-3-3-3 @ 275/275/275/295/315

(As a result of being a liberal arts major, math is not a forte; intent this morning was to go 295 across)

Skill work ~20 min with clean pulls and mobility/stability work in the bottom position.

For those of you digging out, careful that you do not overdo it.

janakehau said...

Ice on my truck motivated me to do Option B this morning:

50 burpees- 3:52
30 burpees- 2:20
20 burpees- 1:08
Total time- 7:20

Burpees suck

Russ Ames said...

Total: 6:37

Allan Jackman said...

34:23, this felt like a hero WOD. Focused on chest hitting the bar for each PU.

Jacob Heppner said...

8 min AMRAP:
1x Squat Snatch 175#
7x Burpees
(Subsequent rounds add 7 burpees for each round)

6 min AMRAP:
15x Box Jumps (24")
12x Push Press 115#
9x T2B

A little over 5 rounds.

monroe said...

Spent as much time outdoors yesterday as I could, shoveling and playing. That was the workout,work and play, and it was fun. It did however prompt me to eat some cookies (I stoked the fire enough to burn off a few sugar & flour calories right?). So, guilt rolled me out of the rack for 10x250m sprints on the rower, 5x5 dead hang pullups, and some ring dips. I'll hit the bubble for some more play later today.

If you hadn't noticed, our Level 1 scheduled for late April is already sold out. Fitness is a growth industry!

Ross said...


Shoveled Snow for 40 min
Then ran the cadets through
"Pass the Mic" From last friday
In 3 person teams -- for time:
400m Run
120 Pull-ups
400m Run
150 Wall Ball (20/14)
400m Run
180 Push ups
400m Run
210 Sit ups
400m Run
240 Squats

Because of weather we had 8 teams, all teams finished between 39:00 and 46:00, my team did 39:11, no scaling for me but one member scaled pullups with the green band and pushups after her first couple of rounds.

Then did Option B for today Burpee Trifecta (I didn't read the stop the clock thing) total time 8:41 for me.

Finished off with about 45 more minutes of snow shoveling helping a couple of neighbors get to work / school.

Sadr City King said...

evil workout....finished in 20:48. the 100 DU per round put a hurtin on me. Charles

Erin Anderson said...

39 minutes, worked on the CTB pullups in sets of 2 & 3. (plenty of no reps) Thanks for the tips Meg!

No good excuse for the slow time!

Erik said...



Used a basketball court (down & back) as our burpee distance.

rob said...

Team WOD at lunch. Kids didn't have school so they joined me.

3-man team
3RFT (and reps)
burpee long jumps; down and back the length of the bubble (pacing)
double unders (counting)
jumping pull ups (counting)

DU - 652*
PU - 396
* mix of DU and SU

Finished with some handstand/push up work. I love having my kids WOD with me. They work hard all the way through and motivate me to push.

Andy said...

17:32 going down and back in the bubble, was sucking wind by round 3.

Handstand pirouette practice and back levers to finish.