Feb 14, 2013

Friday 02.15.13

"Pass the Mic"
In 3 person teams -- for time:

400m Run
 120 Pull-ups

400m Run
150 Wall Ball (20/14)

400m Run
180 Push ups

400m Run
210 Sit ups

400m Run
240 Squats

All 3 members (3 MCs!) must run together, but only one person on the team may do the reps at a time (so pass the mic!). Teams are allowed to break up the reps among their teammates however they choose.

Post time to comments (AND WHITEBOARD -- include team and scaling notes).

Coach's Notes. 
Pushing hard on CrossFit workouts is hard enough. When the workout calls for a team effort, the output always seems to go up. Certainly no one likes to come in last. On a team, you don't want to let your teammates down. Have fun with this outdoor team workout while the unseasonably warm weather lasts!

SOMETHING NEW -- please make a deliberate effort to post your team members and time to the whiteboard at the Bubble. We'll capture and post all team scores at the end of the day. As hokey as it may seem, this simple routine of measuring and documenting performance helps build the community and inspires better performance.  Blog comments can have the same effect.  There have been productive discussions all week long, and you are missing out if you are not participating.  Do it...it don't cost nuthin'!

***Reminder -- morning crew, bring your reflective belts. No roadkill in the Harney parking lot. ***

Motivational Video.
  • "Pass the Mic" - pardon the Beastie Boy references, couldn't help myself. Friday Team WOD retro jukebox is in full effect to send you into the weekend.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Although this would have been a great chipper to scale as a solo effort, my URI and crappy weather convinced me to do something else.

Repeat from last Friday with lighter load and power comparison.
3x Back Squat @ 135lb (225lb)
6x Thruster @ 95lb (100lb)
9x Burpee
Time = 5:10 (6:41)
Power = 84.06 ft-lbs/sec (70.31)

Follow thru
100x T2B (not for time)

janakehau said...

With Gwen and Moira (thanks for the motivation!): 45:42

Tested out lots of scaling methods for this one: Jumps during pullups, modified pushups, multiple weights for wall-balls...good fun today!

Allan Jackman said...

40:00 flat, Jason, Carlos and myself. Good push.

Jacob Heppner said...

Looked like a fun team workout!
3 rounds:
10x Muscle-ups
10x Strict HSPU
w/ some Turkish Get-ups thrown in there.

Erin Anderson said...

45:30 Team Meg, Cassie & Erin. Fun team workout!

(We didn't feel the need to add the plank or ropes on the rest, but you guys looked like you were working intense, so nice job!)

Andy said...

Kim, Casey & Andy for 42:19. Had one rower and 2 runners, and some scaling scattered throughout to keep up the intensity. No add-on exercises for us, you animals! Fun WOD.

Forgot to take a pic of the board scores...if anyone else thinks of it this afternoon, please do!

Erik said...


Wade, Josh and Erik

Guesstimate 400's, everything else Rx'd


Matt B. said...

2 rounds of warmup, then a planned OHS squat scheme of 9-7-5-3-1.
65(9), 85(7 barely), 90(4+F), 95(3), 100(1), 100(1), 105(1)

never gone for OHS PR, so today's is one. At 95# and above, I perceived that I comprimised midline stability (overextend) to keep the bar overhead... making up for shoulder junk that would have otherwise made the bar go forward. Also played with using hook grip vs "regular grip." Seemed to have better positioning with the regular grip.

Jess said...

Team of one this afternoon so I did one third of the reps for each exercise. I am now smoked. Finished in 34:51. Scaled WB to 10#, had to go to knees at rep 21 on pu, green band on pullups

rob said...

Team Jim, Charles, and Rob: 37:17. Much colder than I thought it would be.

There was too much rest/recovery time while waiting for 2 partners to complete x-number of reps. We played around with number of reps per person, but could never get to a place where I wasn't getting too much rest; cycling through exercises can only go so fast. Definitely in the oxidative pathway which is my least preferred pathway, but necessary.

Matt B. said...

I have a suggestion for the next equipment review - marking our barbells by weight. I think we have at least five different looking barbells, by length, sleeve collar thickness, diameter, and of course weight. Someone asked me for help yesterday finding the "girl bar" and there were a few that were lighter than 45, but I couldnt tell if they were 15, 25, or 35. The nice new rogue bars have their weight marked on the end in kg. We could mark our bars by weight either by color (paint, colored duct tape) or by writing the weight on the end with marker or paint. Thoughts?

Meg Smith said...
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Meg Smith said...

Had a good WOD with Erin and Cassie. Don't sell us short, Erin...we were 45:15! :)

Matt, agree that we could label better, but there are some basic cues:
shortest bars are 15 #
middle height is 15kg/33# known as the Bella Bar
tallest is 20kg/45#, longest weight shaft.

With the exception of the newest Rogue bars, the 45s have the the thickest collar between the "hand part" and the weight shaft. The new Rogue bars have the thinner collar like the Bella bars, but if you look at the length of the weight shaft or the height of the bar when upright, you can't go wrong.