Feb 7, 2013

Friday 02.08.13


In two person teams, 3 rounds for time of:
3 Back squats
6 Thrusters
9 Burpees

NOTE -- if you're looking to compare, the majority of morning teams performed 5 rounds (9 to 12 minutes of work) instead of 3. Adjust quantities in power calcs accordingly.

The workout will be done in relay fashion, using two-person teams. Athlete 1 starts off, performing all 3 squats, all 6 thrusters, and all 9 burpees. The moment Athlete 1 finishes the ninth burpee, Athlete 2 jumps in and completes the same sequence (allowing Athlete 1 to recover a bit, resting until Athlete 2 is done with Round 1).

After Athlete 2 finishes his ninth burpee, it's back to Athlete 1. This sequence continues until both teammates have finished 3 rounds each.

Should be a short, intense workout. Follow with 15 minutes of partnered skill development on a goat OR, if you are feeling froggy...rest, adjust weight (up or down) and do it again. Compare results in terms of power (see below).

Post loads, times, (rounds) and average team power output* to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
This workout places a strong emphasis on near-peak power output. In other words, this is a fairly high-load, short-duration workout. For each bar exercise, settle on a common weight that will allow both partners to safely generate and sustain maximum power (high load, low times) throughout the movements and rounds.

Each team needs 2 bars -- squats from the rack, thrusters from the floor. Based on the number of racks we have, throughput may limited but the WODs will go quickly. Organize heats and get to work!

*POWER OUTPUT. Stay with me here...  For scoring, calculate your average team power using this Work & Power Calculator. For each athlete, enter height and body weight.  Then, enter loads and total reps for Squat (9 reps) and Thruster (18 reps). For burpees, approximate by entering 27 reps each of pushup (bodyweight) and squat (bodyweight)...not perfect, but if we all use the same assumptions it works itself out.  Do NOT enter a time, so you get a work output (ft-lbs). Inputs should look like this screenshot. Now repeat for athlete 2 work output. Then:

AVE POWER = (WORK_1 + WORK_2) / total time in seconds

That's your score, in (ft-lbs/s). That's how you compare a team that went heavy and slow vs. a team that went light and fast. The intent here is to strengthen our understanding of intensity and its relation to power and rate of work.

Training Resources.
  • "High Intensity" - CrossFit Community vid.  Cartoonish,but explains some of the basic principles behind the CrossFit definition of "high intensity".
  • "Zatsiorsky, Scaling, and Power" - interesting AgainFaster article with a bold hypothesis: max power occurs at ~50% of 1RM. Consider when selecting your WOD weights...


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Did the WOD as solo effort...

Squat @ 225lb
Thrusters @ 100lb
Time @ 6:41

For 70.31 ft-lb/sec

I've been "freelancing" on team WOD days, but couldn't resist the geek-factor of the calculator.

5x5 hand clap pull-ups
5x5 archer pull-ups
5x5 chest tap pushups (C2D)

Allan Jackman said...

135 squat, 95 thruster, 5min 41secs

70", 168lbs
68", 185lbs

146 ftlbs/secs

Andy said...

Awesome on the early posts. NOTE that the WOD morphed a bit with the morning group. Most teams did 5 rounds vs the initially prescribed 3. Comparisons still work, though the expectation is that ave power will decline for the longer workout.

Jake78 said...

Great times.

Joel and I did 195 on the squat, 45lbs on the thruster. Did it in 8:30ish but with only 3 rounds.


Russ Ames said...

Andy caught it...we did 5 rds, so here's my do-over.

We did 135 squat, 95 thruster.
WOD Time 12:44 = 769 seconds

Russ (68"/165 lbs): 47981 ft-lbs
Paul (66"/162 lbs): 46189 ft-lbs

(47981+46189)/769 sec =

122.46 ft-lbs/sec

Ross said...


VIP Visits all day not sure if I will get in for this one.

Andy said...

Team Andy & Justin - BS: 135, Thruster: 95, 10:54

5 rds (15 BS, 30 Thruster, 45 PU/AS each)...check your inputs!

J 45,056 ft-lbs
A 41,891 ft-lbs

(J + A) / 654s = 132.95 ft-lb/s

Might have tried a redo at 3 rds, but 5 rds was enough. To tweak power, could have gone higher on BS (175-185?). Thruster was about right.

MU, max box jumps and handstand work to close it out.

Jared said...

Did this one solo. Did 5 rounds and timed my splits then rested equal time after each round. Example Round 1 - 49 sec work then 49 sec rest, Round - 2 55 sec work then 55 sec rest etc. Total work time 307 sec. 135 BS and 85 Thruster = 39269.44 ft/lbs divided by 307 sec = 127.91 ft-lb/sec. Scale factor based on 50% 1RM. Will try this again at about 75% 1RM and see what happens.

monroe said...

Did not get to the WOD yet today, but before I left the bubble this morning I did 500 rope jumps, 100 DU's and 100 burpees just in case I don't get to work out later. I've been doing 2-a-days for the last two weeks, and no supplements. It's making it harder to recover, especially after having the cold and flu. Getting plenty of sleep and water. Next week I'll get more focused post WOD recovery meals.

Jared said...

So I redid the workout today but scaled weights up to 75% 1RM - 205BS and 115 Thrusters.
Total work time was 7 min 32 sec. Power = 99.1 ft-lb/sec.
Slower speed overcame the increased weight so a decrease in power. Interesting comparison and another great workout.