Feb 12, 2013

For Your Planning Purposes

For your planning purposes it's helpful to know that tomorrow will be a swim day.  This WARNO is to help you gather your tools e.g. goggles, swim wear, fins, water wings, rubber duck, etc.  This isn't a WARNO to let you think of something else to do tomorrow morning!  Remember, you are only as fit as your weakest skill.  We pursue GPP - General Physical Preparedness, so don't find something else to do tomorrow because you suck at swimming.

IMCF has two lanes reserved at Harney Pool from 0530 to 0730.  We can't do a 'mass start', but we don't need to the way the WOD is designed.  It's possible to have multiple people in one lane doing the WOD because it's a series of sprints.  When the WOD comes out tonight, post to 'comments' your preferred time to swim tomorrow so that others can de-conflict.

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Jared said...

Willing to offer swim clinic for those interested. Not sure how it will work out with the WOD but even a few minutes and some simple drills can pay big dividends. Drag reduction is the key to success especially when sprinting. Post in WOD comments if interested.