Jan 30, 2013

Whole30 Notes (Day 31)

Congratulations on completing the Whole30 challenge! If you haven't already, please take the time to provide some comments on your experience either here on on the WOD Blog. A number of our athletes are curious about Whole30, but are hesitant to commit and try it out themselves. Your insights can be very helpful...for example:
  • Did you achieve your goals?
  • How did it make you feel (energy levels, mood)? Any physical changes you observed? 
  • How has your WOD performance changed? 
  • Did you identify any food incompatibilities that you weren't aware of previously?
  • Is it hard? Or did you fall into a rhythm easily? Did you spend more money on groceries? Did you drive your family crazy, or were they on board?
  • How do you think it has changed your approach to diet and nutrition going forward?
If you want to review past daily notes, they are available in archived form here. A few last resources...

When you are faced with tough food choices, refer to this guide to nutritional off-roading: http://whole9life.com/2011/04/whole9s-guide-to-nutritional-off-roading/.

And, if you are thinking about transitioning your children to a healthier diet, this article might help: http://whole9life.com/2013/01/its-just-a-phase/.

Finally...read about pig farming and how it affects out pork supply: http://whole9life.com/2013/01/the-conscientious-omnivore-pork/.

1 comment:

Joe O said...

My experience has been very positive. It is truly life changing. The first week or so is really the toughest. Being able to resist the urge to eat or drink those unhealthy things because they are convenient gets easier once you figure out what works best for you. As far as expense is concerned I probably spent less money on food, mostly because I wasn't eating out. Eventually I fell into a patterns of preparing food in bulk so it was convenient. I ate alot ot bacon and sweet potatoes. Physically I had much more energy, my WODs improved, and my pants fit better. I didn't weigh myself, but I know I've lost weight on the Whole 30. Going forward, it will be much easier for me to dial my diet in when I need it.