Jan 14, 2013

Whole30 Notes (DAY 15)

Hooray, halfway there! How will you celebrate your success? Instead of using food as a reward, try something new. Get a massage, buy a new belt (to hold up your pants that are getting baggy), or treat yourself to that kettlebell you have had your eye on.

At this point, some commonly asked questions tend to come up:

  • What if I accidentally ate something off plan; should I start over?
That really depends on you. You could treat it as a lesson learned and keep on going, or you can go back to the beginning if you want the satisfaction of following the rules 100%. Whatever you do, don't let one small mistake send you on a downward spiral of dietary destruction!
  • What if after 15 days I don't feel like this is working?
Run through this checklist.
  1. Is your food truly whole30 approved?
  2. Are you eating 3 meals a day and adding in pre- and post- workout snacks?
  3. Are you adding plenty of good fat to each meal?
  4. Are you sleeping enough?
  5. Are you exercising too much?
  6. Are you stressed out?
  • What if there is a zombie apocalypse while I'm in the middle of my whole30?
Don't worry...you are covered! This works well for natural disasters as well (blizzards, etc): http://whole9life.com/2012/07/zombie-attack/

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