Jan 29, 2013

Wednesday 01.30.13

Row 5K

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Coach's Notes. 

A little form goes a long way on the C2. You can max the damper and muscle your way through a 1 minute FGB interval or a 500m sprint. But for endurance/monostructural cardio type workouts like a 5K (or longer), that approach will break you down. The technique videos on the C2 Rower site are a good place to start. Click around for additional videos and tips.

If you have a little history with the C2 Rower, you probably have an opinion on ideal damper settings and drag factor. If not (or you question the sources of your opinions) here are some resources to help you out.

Training Videos.
  • "Rowing Warmup" - by Erin Cafaro. Short one (2:30) that describes an ideal warmup/mobilization routine to prep you for rowing workouts such as today's. Recommend you take the time to experiment a bit with varying damper settings during warmup prior to "3,2,1...Go."


Meghan Smith said...

Waiting on the flyer but there is a USAW Level 1 Olympic Lifting Certification being conducted next weekend at MNU down in Olathe. Class is led by 2 amazing trainers...a worthwhile event if you get the opportunity. Hang up is that it's being held Fri and Sat. I'll get details out as soon as I get them.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

20:56 as Rx'd

Not quite able to maintain the 2:00/500m pace. That may be attributed to having rowed fewer than 5 times since leaving Leavenworth.

100x pull-ups (10x10)

monroe said...

Row 5K: 21:38, damper at 4, pretty consistent 24 SPM. Felt pretty good considering this was first day off bed rest.
Meg, is that an oly cert or a spoets performance course?

Todd Polk said...

5K row Rx'ed: 19:16 with drag setting on 140 (damper at low 7) split for the 2500m was 9:30. I was trying to hold 1:50 for the 500m, but ran out of juice after 2000 meters.

Then Muscle up work, strung 3 together for the first time! Thanks Pete and John for the motivation

Noah said...

19:35 at a 125 drag setting. Previous 5k rows have been at 140 but wanted to try something different; it only changed my total time by 10 secs.

I don't know how people can row for a living, the painful monotony would drive me slowly into madness.

Jared said...

20:05 at 140 drag. Wanted to make 20:00 and was doing well through 3K but fell off hard from 3K to 4.5K. The last 500M sprint was too short to get in under 20:00.

Andy said...

Poor showing by me today. Tried to sneak it in but ran out of time, ended up doing a whopping 5:00 for distance (1640m?). Then played hoops and stunk, I blame it on the row. Will try to get the 5K in this weekend.