Jan 22, 2013

Wednesday 01.23.13

10 rounds:
Sprint 200m
15 push ups

Rest exactly one minute between rounds.

Post total time to comments.  Record individual round times if possible, post fastest/slowest.

Coach's Notes. 
Simple, no-equipment needed workout...great hotel WOD for TDYs. If you haven't seen it before, check out this "Bodyweight Workouts" compilation and stow it in your travel bag. Plenty of other versions online as well, exercise your Google-fu and find some more.

Perform hand release pushups (HRPU) for bonus points.  Warmup well before sprinting...don't want to pull a hammy!

Training Videos.
  • "Sprint Posture Drills" - courtesy of CFHQ.  Some simple drills to work into your warmup.  Also links to a bunch of other running-related vids, including the next one:
  • "CFE Skills & Drils" - with Brian McKenzie.  Two more simple drills focusing on forward lean and hamstring engagement.
  • "Alternate Warmup" - with Jim "The Cableguy" Carrey...always a classic.


rob said...

I'm going to be at the track at about 0520~ish for a 0545 start. Bring your long-johns!

Jared said...

Noah is on leave but I will still warm up at the bubble 0730 and move to the track about 0800. Might be a little warmer by then and at least the sun will be up.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Subbed 250m row ILO 200m sprint and performed C2DPUs rather than CFSPUs (less shoulder pain in the end).

100x pull-ups (10x10 not for time)

Opted to go to the Globo-Gym rather than attempt a sprint and push-ups over snow. I row so infrequently that it was definitely a limiting factor.

Jacob Heppner said...

45x Muscle-ups

Then, 9x stone-to-shoulder with Atlas stone.

Mike Anderson said...

As much as I'd like to give Jacob a hard time for doing an inside workout instead of coming to the track...45 Muscle Ups! That's awesome, great work.

I did this workout with my SAMS Seminar. The cold weather was a good lesson in CF theory - being ready for anything and working outside your comfort zone.

Jared said...

20:29 as RX'd with C2DPU at the track. Started at 1:01 and dropped to 1:23 by round ten. Stayed fairly consistent through round 7 but tapered off on 8,9 and 10. Glad to do a sprint workout. 300 APFT goal this year and the run in only thing holding me back.

Ross said...


Slow this morning, calf kept tightening up on me and could not push sprints how I wanted.

I did do this on the indoor track here that is only 160m and used regular military style pushups so my time is skewed from those you did a full 200m and ran outside.

Time 17:07

rob said...

Ouch! Between the cold and the nature of the WOD this was a challenge. Five of us did this at 0530hrs and....all five of us finished. That's the best news of it!

Erik said...



100 yd shuttle (down and back)
Push Ups: Hand release first two set's of 15, then normal for remaining

Andy said...

20:18 on the track with HRPU.

Started out (too) fast, then settled in at about 66-70s per round. Sprints stayed consistent throughout, it was the PU that got me.

Call me names, but I thoroughly enjoyed the early afternoon sun and mid 40s temps. Props to the Vikings out early this AM.

Jess said...

23:37 total time for me today...brrr it was nippy!

Ed said...

I timed the total and the sprints separately. 19:37 total. Sprints fell BTW 34 and 41 seconds. HRPU got quite a bit slower, especially in the last three rounds.

Weather not bad at JBLM this morning, 34 and not raining.

Meghan Smith said...

Did my class's WOD for today:

8, 6 DL@60% 1RM
6, 4 DL@70% 1RM
4, 2 DL@80% 1RM
2 DL@85% 1RM

then 10 min AMRAP
10 MBC
15 TTB

Planning on making it for team WOD on Friday and then looking forward to hubby getting back from TDY so I can return to mornings.

Russ Ames said...

Did all sets back to back...hands frozen, so unsure of time, but def under 15 min.

Matt B. said...

Did yesterday's WOD, kinda. Was struggling to keep the bar on the front squat rack for the first few sets, so rather than 5-5-5-5-5, I did more like 10 sets of 1-3. Towards the end I figured out to do "active shoulders," and push my shoulders up to meet the bar - rather than bar resting only on my clavicle/sternum. Then I was able to get 4-5 together. Everything below the shoulder feels good during FS. Need to get more practice and more wrist mobility stuff.

Did the mini-metcon with 2pood KB. I think I need to go back to the CF standard warmup to get my volume of pullups and pushups back up. 3x10 of pullups used to be easy. Not so much these days...