Jan 15, 2013

Wednesday 01.16.13

Swim 800 meters.

Post time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Harney is a 25yd pool (not meters)...so down and back 17.5 times.

Three quick pointers from Todd (D-I freestyle swimmer and all-around nice guy) to get you focused:
  • As part of your warm-up, perform some short flutter kicks with a board. Think about pointing your toes and "flexible" feet (like fins); make sure to keep your hips up.
  • Use rotary breathing -- try to maintain a breathing rhythm of every 3rd stroke (right side, left side, and so on) or 5th stroke. Breath control is crucial in helping conserve energy and building endurance to stay underwater off the walls (either after a flip turn or push-off). 
  • Think "long stroke" during freestyle. Rolling along the horizontal axis as you reach as far forward with each stoke as you can is very important. As you bring your hands forward, get your elbows as high as you can. Also, count your strokes and keep them as low as possible per length.

Training Resources.
Can't sum it up in a single 2:00 clip.  Find an experienced swimmer and pick their brain, or google around for more pointers on form. One potential resource is USA Swimming's 'Training & Technique' site.


Jared said...

A few more comments on the swim.
As with most of our WODs pace is important. Try tracking your 50yd splits. First and last set should the fastest two, but all should be fairly consistent. Pick a total goal time divide that by the number of laps (down and back)and attempt to keep that pace. If you come in a little ahead of that lap pace take a breath and try to ease up the next lap. Example: (use 18 laps for ease = 822 meters) Want to swim 822m in 20 minutes 1200 sec / 18 = 66.66 sec per lap. Down and back in one minute? Done in 18 minutes. Pace is important.

In the long stroke - as you roll onto the horizontal axis to reach you also reduce drag as your body moves vertical vs flat through the water.

Kick should be generated at the hip, not the knee. Hip flexor and abbs drive the leg down, glutes pull the leg up. This is not a quad and hamstring event. Knees should remain loose, toes pointed. Try not to make a big splash - legs out of the water is wasted energy.

Eyes should be looking at an angle forward and down, not straight out in front or at the bottom. Keep the neck relaxed.

Glad to run a clinic sometime for the non-swimmers out there. Don't be afraid to get in the water.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

25 degrees and no pool

Subbed 4 mile run

41:37 @ 158bpm

HR was in the target range (my aerobic zone). Pace was 30-40 secs off. Haven't "run" in some time. My Plantar Fasciatis is all but gone. Feet are a little sore, but not in that area. Will have to do a good bit of rolling tonight just to make sure.

scotty13 said...

14:10. It's not on par with my 1000 m pace from my high school swimming days, but I will certainly take it. I am still new to CrossFit, so every morning before I go into the Bubble I remind myself to check my ego at the door and get out of my comfort zone. So today it was a nice change of pace to have a WOD that was actually in my comfort zone.

Ross said...


No open swim at the pool this morning so I subbed a 2500m row in 10:39, been a while since I rowed more than 500m...

Andy said...

40:30 to swim 800m. That included some down time talking form and drills. And I lost track and think I did a bonus lap. But it gives you an idea of where I am on "distance" swimming. More like 35 x 25yd intervals.

As always, felt good when it was done. Just need to get in the water more often and tap into some of the expertise around me. Thanks for the great pointers from Todd and Jared.

Erik said...


25yd pool, 35 laps (lengths): 16:42

monroe said...

17:31 That was fun-ish! I can't remember the last time I swam laps. Crawled the whole way, working on the tips from Todd (thanks Todd). Vicki said I actually used my legs, so, happy with that.

Noah said...

21:15 for 18 laps. Still swimming breaststroke in there every few lengths as my lung capacity won't support freestyle every lap.

Matt B. said...

Did yesterday's WOD.
11 rounds + 1 HSPU. Caveats...
HSPU in a pike with feet on 24" box.
First two rounds I got chest-to-bar; the rest... not so much.

Did a good warmup first, then ran into my old TAC and mentor, who was here for a day TDY. Funny that neither of us are ever in the bubble at 1600, except today. 20 minutes of catchup, then WOD.

Brandi said...

Did a burpee box jump ladder. Completed round 11, but couldn't finish round 12 in the minute.
Looking forward to a swim in the near future. Haven't been in the pool in a while.

Jared said...

12:32 as RXd. Followed by 400yd flipper kicks and 400yd pull with paddles. Splits were between 1:21 and 1:27 per 100 yds for the 850 yd WOD. When reaching on the long stroke, exaggerate to upper body rotation. Shoulders should be almost vertical. This extends the draw and reduces drag. Also work breath control by trying laps with no breath. While swimming laps exhaling should be slow and steady the entire time your face is in the water. Do not try to turn your head and both exhale and inhale at once.

Jess said...

Forgot to log my time when I stopped my watch but it was in the 21-22 minute range.

Russ Ames said...

Switched up to spinning class today....good smoker!

Brandi said...

Did this swim on Saturday morning. I lost count and may have swam a few too many laps, but time was 19:34. Really felt it in the shoulders, especially after doing a partial Cindy wod yesterday.