Jan 8, 2013

Wednesday 01.09.13

I own you, med ball!

150 Wall balls for time (20/14)

Post time to comments.  Compare to (07.27.12)...Mike vs Jacob, Part II?

Coach's Notes. 
The standard is a 10’ target and hips below the knees at the bottom of the squat.

Have a strategy for this one. I’ve used several, like "don’t rest for more than three deep breaths," or "10 shots at a time with 5 second rests in between." Make a contract with yourself to see what works.

Keeping your torso upright as possible is the best technique tip for this one. Practice moving the knees out as you drop into the squat, and hold the ball close to guard against the tendency to lean forward as you tire.

Training Videos.
  • "Wall Ball Shots and Karen" - from Again Faster.  A little on the long side (8:34) but chock full of goodness, especially if it's your first time tackling Karen.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

10:54 w/ 18lb Medball

Pacing technique was too slow although my legs tell a different story. Should have gone with larger "sets" between rests.

Followed up with HSPU practice

monroe said...

Remember the goal with this sort of workout is to maintain intensity throughout the reps. Starting slow and building or finding the right level is a better appraoch if you don't have a good feel for the right level for you. Aim for minimal rest. One strategy for that is X shots every X seconds, for instance one shot every five seconds. If you can maintain that you'll be done in 12 minutes. That may seem slow at the beginning. If it still feels slow after 5 or 8 minutes, crank it up a notch. Karen is a good workout to test your focus. It's also a good one to have a partner to help you count, concentrate, and watch your form. Have fun! I'll be in to do this around 1200.

Ross said...


Took me longer than I thought it would this morning..

Time 8:34

Meghan Smith said...

11:21. First time doing Karen Rx (previous was 10#). Did 15 sets of 10...found myself resting a little more than I should have, so next time I'll take a different approach to see how it goes.

Big shout out to Erin A for putting Karen in her place. Nice work today!!

Noah said...

A paltry 10:30. Throw for throw with my partner for the first 60 then he got ahead of me and I just could not catch him.

Pretty sure I'll be incapable of walking down a flight of stairs tomorrow.

monroe said...

9:17, 14 lb ball. No drops, no stops, stayed on or ahead of pace. Followed with double unders, situps, box jumps, and Pendlay rows. If you've never heard of Pendlay rows, google them. They're a good aid for pull up/muscle up strength.

Todd Polk said...

Once a again Karen rocked my world!

9:53 Rx'ed.

I too will be whining as I go up and down the stairs tomorrow!

Matt B. said...

8:30 as Rx

Did a set of 20, then 20, then 10s for the rest of the way. Stayed true to "three breaths between sets" until the lower 100's. Only previous Karen was as part of CFGames Open this spring, and then it was about 9:27 if I recall.

Wanted to do 12.3 (or 12.4) again today, but my quads gave out on the first double under. Skipping DU, did 4 real MU and 6 assisted MU with knees on the floor.

Mike Anderson said...

6:50 for Karen.
That's slower than Iast time, but even worse, Erin smoked my time with a 6:13. It's tough getting beat by your wife, tomorrow I'm challenging her to a dead lift competition.

Andy said...

7:35 for this guy with the sore legs and pointy thumbs. :20 over my PR from July, eh. Nice job, Andersons!

Jared said...

9:56 as RXd. Could not get too far out from Noah. Almost fell down the office stairs.

Charles Day said...

9:39 as Rx'd, new pb...day 4 of whole 30 for Carrie and I just about fell out a couple times!

Jess said...

Whew! I did this Rx and found myself really struggling. I finished with a sad time of 13:41- plenty of room to improve!

Brian said...

Cari and I surprised ourselves completing Karen. Not with time, but the strength and endurance we have gained over the last month!