Jan 1, 2013

Wednesday 01.02.13

Back squat 9 x 60%, 7 x 70%, 5 x 75%, 3 x 80%
Front squat  5 x 60%, 5 x 70%, 5 x 80%

Post loads to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Loads are percentages based on your best lift (1RM) for back and front squat.

If you haven't already, review the January Coach's Notes under "Announcements".  Any specific goals for 2013?  What is your plan to get there?  Post thoughts to the coach's notes comments.

If you haven't developed a plan, pick some "goats" to work on, set some targets, and rotate them into your post-WOD skills work.  Double-unders? HSPU? Muscle-ups? Get on it!

Training Videos.
  • "Front Squats - Good & Bad" - courtesy of Crossfit HQ
  • "Squat Mobility" - from CrossFit Envy.  If you struggle with squat technique, this vid (7:00) has some good gems on addressing ROM and positioning issues. 


Jacob Heppner said...

I like the new website format!

Anyway this morning,
Fran, using only butterfly pull-ups (skill I'm trying to learn) immediately followed by a 1 mile run. Then, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4 rep scheme of: Deadlift 275#, DBL KB Floor Press 32kg, Hang Clean starting at 135# and extending to 225#.

Andy said...

Based on BS/FS 1RM of 315/235...

BS: 9 x 190 / 7 x 225 / 5 x 255
FS: 5 x 140 / 5 x 165 / 5 x 190

Struggled a little on the heavy BS, knees were drifting in on me. Followed with some skill work on OHS, strict MU and handstands.

Noah said...

BS 1RM of 255: 155-185-185-210.
FS 1RM of~170: 115-135-155.

A few handstands afterwards as well. Was about to get into some weighted pullups and a little birdie told me tomorrow would be a better time to get into those...

monroe said...

Based on 1RM of 280/225
BS: 10x165, 8x195, 6x210, 4x225
FS: 5x135, 155, 185
Tried to do some ring dips afterward but I'm still smoked from Monday's 150 pushups.

Matt B. said...

Andy, nice job on the site. My only disappointment is that after all this time you still think I'm a robot.

Based on BS/FS 1RM of 235/UNK...

BS: 9x135, 7x165, 5x175, 3x185
FS: 4x115, 5x95, 5x95

Lost the rack on first set of FS. Barely kept it on second set. Really focused on bottom torsion on the third, with "screwed in" feet, outward knees, squeezed butt, and midline stability. The "upstream" stuff (rack) worked out a bit easier and smoother.

Scott S said...

Based on 1RM of BS-355 / FS -285
BS - 9 x 215, 7 x 245, 5 x 265, 3 x 285
FS - 185, 205, 225

Afterwards joined big John with his bright idea to run 4 miles on a treadmill, progressing the speed every....seemed like his random imagination time intervals....I HATE running on a treadmill, but with company to distract wasn't too bad. Wish my normal schedule allowed for 2+ hours mid morning for fitness, damn the man and history papers!

Scott S said...

Second the comments on the new site, nice job Andy! Enjoy the tabs at the top and look forward to further developments!

janakehau said...

Brrr Kansas....still on West Coast time and wish I was still in West Coast weather but here we go...
For the back squats, started with 35 and went up to 60. Think I should start a little higher next time.
For the front squats, started with 45 and went up to 60, maybe start off a teeny bit higher next time.
Then did some box jumps, some band pullups, and got ready to hit the commissary to prep for the Whole 30 thing...
Happy New Year everybody!

Ross said...

SD Det,

Happy new year, I skipped Monday and Tuesday for functional movements like sledding all day with kids and dragging a decent sized doe a mile in 6 inches of fresh snow..

BS: 185, 225, 275, 315
FS: 185, 225, 275