Jan 21, 2013

Tuesday 01.22.13

Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5


3 rounds, no rest:
10 KB swings
10 Pull ups

Post loads/times to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Compare FS to 11.15.12. One of the benefits of posting to comments is that you can reference past posts for a quick and easy way to measure progress, and also to determine your target weight for performing WODs.

On that note...how are you tracking your progress?  Paper journal, excel spreadsheet, online programs? If you don't have SOME kind of system in place, you are not leveraging the "measurable" aspect of CF. Share thoughts to comments.

Training Videos.
  • "WOD Demo: FS 3-3-3-3-3" - with Liz Powell, Patriot Crossfit. Includes a demo of the couch stretch, a solid choice for pre-squat warmup.
  • "Fixing the Front Rack" - with KStarr.  Lengthy (8:00) and a little technical at times, but definitely worthwhile if you have trouble achieving a solid front rack.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

300x DUs (not for time)

Front Squat:
185-185-185-190-195 (compared to 185 across from 15 Jan)

2:56 for METCON w/ 55lb DB swing ILO KB

Finished the day with some much needed rolling with the Rumble Roller.

In reference to the question of the day, I use this forum to keep track. I've used notebooks in the past but always seem to misplace them and it became something else to lug around the gym.

Russ Ames said...

135-155 -155 -155-155

2:21 w/ 55# Kbps

Ross said...


FS- 225 across the board after warm up.

METCON- 2:19 with 55 lb DB swing subbed for KBS

Jared said...

135, 155, 155, 157, 185
Probably could have started a little heavier but still topping out at 185.

3:21 for the METCON with 24kg. Slow on the pull ups.

Don't use anything to track progress and I feel it. Maybe posting here more regularly will help.

Andy said...

FS: 175-185-195-205(4)-205(2),185(3)

Fell short of a 5RM PR, but bested total weight for FS 5x5. Knees drift in at heavy weight.

METCON: 2:41 w/ 70# KB. Grip and general suck made me partition round 3, but was able to keep trucking.

Tried Excel and a plain old written log, but always found them cumbersome. Have been using Beyond the Whiteboard for almost a year now, and really like it. Searchable, tracks PRs, has power output calculations and curves, and comparisons against the community. Costs $, but worth it for me.

Ross said...


ref tracking questions, I use both this site and also the MyWOD app for iPod, it is a great app. Only issue I have is naming work out consistently so you can get a good graph comparison. just decide to start putting two different entries for each day, one to track the strength work out and one to track the METCON.

Ed said...

Good morning from JBLM.

Front squat:

METCON: 2:07 with 53lb KB.

Always posted to IMCF in the past and have downloaded a couple apps for tracking but haven't found a great one yet. WODBox isn't bad and has a decent timer and round counter app as well.

Mike Anderson said...

FS - 225, 275, 275, 255, 255

2:50 for the METCON w/ 53 lb KBS. Andy made me feel lazy when I saw he used 70 lbs.

I track with a small notebook.

rob said...

FS: 165, 185, 195, 205, 205

All 5 sets felt pretty good. I can feel the work as I climb stairs today. I got feedback from John that was helpful.

2:20 w/70lb KB. I managed unbroken but the last 5 pull ups were extremely difficult. My grip was giving out and shoulders were spent.

I have a few years worth of data in excel for my tracking. I like it, but it's not always useful. I'm intersted in Beyond the White Board and would like to get on-line with someone who uses it to see how it works.

Jake78 said...

As compared to November I did 185 across. This time I did 175, then 190. Felt strong.

2:55 on the METCON - however I subbed GHDs for Pull-Ups. My shoulder is feeling good, and didn't want to tept fate.

As far as logs go. I used to keep a spreadsheet, its a great way to manage and compare workouts and track PRs. Recently I just use my phone. Works well enough, but not as efficient as the spreadsheet. For example I don't have PR tab ;-)


Matt B. said...

Did yesterdays WOD.

Snatch, 105# (10, maybe 11 sets).
C&J, 115#
Clean pull, 165#
Snatch DL, 135#

Great WOD. I liked getting the volume first, then additional related skill/strength work after.

I'm using the blog to put my initial record down, then for the last month I've been transferring that record to an Excel sheet. One tab for daily Rx and then what I did; one tab for PRs. IMCF blog is the best for recording right now, since I can do it from any phone or computer, work or home.

monroe said...

FS: 165 170 175 180 185
Mini-metcon 2:27 American Swings, unbroken, no rest.
I like to use a calendar for my log so I can see the month at a glance.

janakehau said...

Not feeling very well today, think I got something my daughter had this weekend. (Not an excuse for my performance this morning though!)

Did 65-65-65-65-65 and tried to improve form. Thanks to Rob! Was coming up on the balls of my feet at the bottom of the squat.

Did pullups using the band. Feeling a lot better about the pullups though.

And I use a little 3x5 card flip notebook to enter the WODs and what I actually did. I make myself do it before I leave the Bubble or I'm going to forget. Then I post to this site to keep me accountable (and to embarass myself to improve, ha!).

Erin Anderson said...

3:44 with 26#. I guess i wasted time walking to get chalk each round. Will try and hustle more next time!

Also bad about keeping records. Except for that once a year workout where i beat Mike, that one is stored in my head!