Jan 14, 2013

Tuesday 01.15.13

15 minute AMRAP: 
5 Handstand push ups
7 Chest-to-bar pull ups
9 Box jumps (24”/20”)

Post rounds to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
HSPU - aim for full ROM.  Preferred scaling options include piked HSPU on a box, negative reps, or wall walks.

Box jumps -- if you haven't seen it before, watch the video. "Rest at the top; spend as little time as possible on the ground." Leverage the elasticity in your calves and legs on landing and spring back up...see the demo.

Training Videos.


Jacob Heppner said...

This was a great workout that accurately captures The Open.

Rob Immendorf: 5 rounds + 5x HSPU

Me: 15 rounds + 1x HSPU

Jake78 said...

Good push on this one Jacob!

Myself, I had to sub the upper body stuff as I continue to allow my shoulder to figure itself out.

I subbed as follows:
5x GHDs
7x 1.5 pood KB Swings
9x 24 inch box jumps

Got 8 rounds mainly because I kept distracting myself.

BTW I like the new look for the page, it has a more professional feel to it.

Take care!

Andy said...

Moderate DL work to start. Then 10 rds + 5 HSPU.

After watching others added kipping HSPU to my bag of tricks, first time with that. Resisted for a while, but makes sense for AMRAP/high rep schemes. Felt like I could always get 5 unbroken, while with strict...when you're spent, you're spent. Singles and rest time kill your tempo.

Sorry for the late WOD post, purely operator error.

Noah said...

9 rds plus 5 HSPU and 5 CTB. HSPUs were band assist to help maintain full range of motion without collapsing at the bottom of the movement in a heap on the floor.

Oh, and waiter...I'll have what Jacob is having!

Jared said...

Good WOD. Completed 11 rounds with 3 sec left. Could not get back into a handstand.

Ross said...


8 rds, scaled the HSPUs by facing the wall and moving my hands out about 12 inches from wall but got full ROM. Lost time in having to go up and down stairs to get to BJ from Pull Up Bars - oh well - stairs felt great after WB yesterday...
Great job everyone else, good numbers on this one...

Jacob - no offense, but your a freak - 15 rds.. Damn..

Love the new webpage and the pics from last week.. Great job..

Jess said...

5 rounds plus 5pu, 3c2b. Started off with wall walks but felt my form slipping so transitioned to elevated pushups on a box

rob said...

Jess - good to see you back in the gym. I hope the new kiddo is doing well.

Jacob - what Noah said.

I was encouraged today with my abilities. I did a hand stand hold for 10 seconds and then did a very shallow HSPU. No pain then or now so I'm making progress. CTBPU weren't a problem.
8rds + 10sec hand stand hold.

Ed said...

Finished 10 rounds + hspu and pullups for round 11.

Caveats...hspu ROM was weak and I couldn't find bands to use from the bars, dangers of new box orientation. CTB pullups were good through 7 rounds, really slowed down and Kipped hard for the last ones.

scottnkelly9901 said...
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scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Front Squat
5-5-5-5-5 @ 185

5 rds + 4 wall walks

Scaled HSPU with 1:1 wall-walks

struggled with C2B pull-ups on final complete round - 5 failed attempts to finally touch the bar.

COL B said...

8 even

monroe said...

8 even for me.

janakehau said...

Very late with posting, but 8 rounds even for me, did HSPUs for all 8 but they were shallow, band assisted PUs and then the box jumps. Long 15 minutes :)

Ted Hanger said...

Sorry for the late post. 11 full rounds plus 5 hand stand push-ups, 7 chest to bar pull-ups, and one box jump. I was losing time with the pull-ups, hand stand push-ups and box jumps felt good.

Matt B. said...

Stayed home from work today. After kids went to bed, I got my first stationary ride in towards "training" for bike across kansas. 6x intervals. 90 seconds on, 3 minutes rest. Going to test the CF endurance method of 3-5 crossfit WODS per week, with 1-2 sport specific (bike) intervals/tempos tacked on.

Russ Ames said...

7 and up to 8 BJ OF the 8th one.

Erik said...


15 minute AMRAP (modified from original WOD):
5 Hand release push ups
7 pull ups
9 Box jumps (sitting bench)
11 Air Squats

14 rounds