Jan 7, 2013

Tuesday 01.08.13

12 minute AMRAP:
5 DB Thrusters (2 x 40/30 lbs)
7 Ring dips
9 Toes-to-Bar

Post completed rounds and partial rounds (reps) to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
As with yesterday’s mini-metcon, aim for no rest with your pacing. Maintaining intensity over longer duration will be more effective at producing the adaptation we desire than burning out in the first three minutes. If it helps, think of the three metabolic pathways. This is a glycolitic workout, not phosphogenic. Pace yourself accordingly.

Warm up and mobilize well for this one. Mobilize movements, not muscles. That means before you squat with dumbbells, you need to squat. Before you get on the rings, you want to do some shoulder mobility, like the “kitchen sink” stretch (DEMO HERE). Before you hop on the bar for TTB, try touching your toes a few times.

Training Videos.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Slow and steady...

6rds + 5 Thrusters + 7 Dips + 2 T2B

Bar dips ILO ring dips

Pace was consistent, but kept losing grip on T2B

janakehau said...

Before all the high rollers get on here:
7 rds of:
5 x 20lb KB thrusters
7 x ring dip negatives
9 x knees to chest
My head wanted the 15lb KBs/DBs but since there were none I went with the 20lb KBs. Guess the world hasn't ended so I'll start with those or higher next time.

Jacob Heppner said...

Due to a limited amount of time, I did 8 rounds for time instead of a 12 minute AMRAP. time: 8.27.

Then, 4 rounds, 8x push jerk @ 185#, 10x HSPU, and 50x DU.

Russ Ames said...

8 rds, and up to 7 TTB. Scaled with 35# and bench dips

Noah said...

Another WOD that got in the suck rather quickly. 6 rds plus 5 thrusters. Many of the ring dips (another goat of mine) were band assist and I still spent too much time on those.

rob said...

There were two big groups today and it's neat to watch 30+ people doing the same WOD.

I did a HRPU sub for the ring dips along with 35lb dumbbell thrusters. I did do all of the T2B which went very well. I got through 8 rounds and 2 DB thrusters.

Ross said...


Ring dips wore me out quickly today, had to break up the last two sets to get them in.
6 rds, plus 5 thrusters and 3 ring dips.

Jess said...

7 rounds plus 5 thrusters, 2 dips
Used 15# DB, box dips and KTE-still working to get my abs back and pre-baby strength back. Good WOD!

Jake78 said...

Did a scaled version due to some shoulder issues I've been having.

Subbed GHD's for Thrusters

Made it through 6 rounds.


P.S. won't be able to make it to the On-Ramp class on Saturday due to a birthday, though I may show up for a little bit in the morning.

monroe said...

6 rounds + 1 thruster. 30# DB's and jumping ring dips after the second round. I almost talked my way out of this one, tweaked shoulder, feeling old, didn't sleep well. So I just suited up and started messing around. Did some KB arm bar streches to mob the shoulder (it worked), did 200 or so DU's for practice, then set the watch and got to it. Afterward I went outside and got in 10x100 meter sprints at 75%. Turned out to be a pretty good day, and as ususal, felt better for having done it.

Charles Day said...

5 rounds, 5 thrusters and 2 dips as Rx'd. Fighting the flu bug at our house and struggling to adapt to new work sched. Stole a page from mark and sucked up a few sprints up the beside Harney...brisk air was nice.

Andy said...

Work got in the way today and I was tempted to skip, but I managed to get it in late evening. Only 12 mins, right?

8 rds + 2 thrusters, 40# and subbed normal dips due to lack of rings.

Matt B. said...

Work got in my way too, but "adherence" is my #1 area to improve in. Did 10 minutes of pushups, ring dips, modified hspu, hand stands, pistols, and hollow rocks before bed.