Jan 30, 2013

Thursday 01.31.13

Press 3-3-3-3-3


4 rounds, no rest:
Row 250 m
10 Pull ups

Post loads and mini-METCON time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Good WOD demo below, lots of effective mental cues in his explanations. Note the shoulder-focused warmup of handstand walk practice and double-kip pullups. "Ideally, I want to see a set of 2 1/2 in there somewhere..."  Interesting take, makes sure you're working on the margins of your capacity. Fight for that 3rd rep!

For reference, an estimate of your 3RM is approximately 90-93% of your 1RM. Compare to press numbers on the CFT on 12.17.12.

Mini-METCON: Carry over the form refinements from yesterday's row and layer on some intensity. Consider using the sprint start as "a way" to to get the flywheel moving quickly on short intervals such as this one. Watch the video below, and read the text below the video for a full description of how it fits together.

Training Videos.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Press (1RM = 135lb)
3-3-3-3-3 @ 125lb

4RFT @ 9:40
200m run
10 Power Clean @ 95lb
10 Pull-ups
*did not want to go to "Globo" just for the rower added the PCs to add an additional pull to the METCON

Follow-thru: attempted the Archer Pull-up and Archer Push-up and a few other of these body weight exercises. Not quite at the burpee backflip yet though.

Jess said...

2.5-70#, 1-65#
Time: 9:00 flat, Setting on rower was 5.5

Jake78 said...

Only did the presses today and went light. Trying to lift my way out of this shoulder tweak.

5x3 at 85lbs.

Didn't want to "press" my luck anymore ;-)

Those rubber bands and MWOD stretches are awesome!


Ross said...


Sorry I missed yesterday's row, all day VTC the rolled right into sons hockey, will try to make it up today.

Today's workout
Press 5x3 @155 across the board probably should have gone a bit higher ended up being easier than i thought, did L-Sits between sets using stacked plates for my hands.

Row 250m
10 Pull ups
Time - 7:01

Noah said...

Pressed from 95-115 for the sets.

7:09 for the mini metcon. Had to break up the last set of pullups, my grip was smoked!

Jared said...

95,115,125,135,145 for the press. Noah provided a little assistance for the 145#
Then 7:38 for the METCON. Ran out of grip strength. Surprised at how much the row took out of my arms and left me hanging on the bar.

Ross said...


Just registered for the open, wish I could be down there this year and part of IMCF but I don't think I can work a 5 hour drive each way to compete.

Siouxperfit(http://siouxperfit.com/) in Sioux City Iowa has offered to let me come in and do my workouts there and have them verified for no fee.. Still an hour drive each way but will still be able to test myself.... Good Luck to all of you... Even if your new to CF, register, I was hesitant last year but had a blast and learned a lot.....

Matt B. said...

Got my DU "back" during warmup. Got a few sets of maybe 20 or so in a row.

7x2 Snatch @ 95#
30 C&J @ 95#. Executed in 3 sets of 10.

Awesome showing from TRAC at the bubble over lunch. Four different groups at one point, maybe 11 folks.

Andy said...

Press 115-135-125-130-130

Had a couple 2 rep fails at 135 in there, couldn't lock em out for 3. Took a cue from Ross and did L-sits in between.

6:29 mini-METCON. I've found trying to smoke the rows at 1:3x pace destroys me for the rest. Steady work in the mid 1:40s and I can sustain a better overall tempo.

rob said...

It was a disappointing day for presses. I thought I would be further along with 'strength' than I am. And perhaps it was just an off day. There was no pain, I just couldn't get much weight up.

95, 115, 135(f1), 125(f2), 120

It was very 'Fran' like in regard to post workout posture - I was completely spent.

Matt - It's good to hear that so many TRAC folks are showing up. Perhaps there is an opportunity to have a consolidated TRAC Team WOD once or twice a month.

Jacob Heppner said...

I would like to say, props to Rob Craig for his time on the workout this morning. Completely killed it. Though I would attribute his success to having 3 people cheer him on the whole time.

monroe said...

Press 120 across for the sets of three, then 125/135/135. My 1RM is 145.
Did not time the mini-metcon.
Warmed up and down with jumprope, 800 skips, 200 of those DU. Best run was 60 DU's.
Impressive time, Rob!

We got the clock working, thanks to Todd!

Ed said...

IMCF-JBLM detachment ... reaching out to former IMCF'ers here at JBLM, hoping to get a group to do the Friday team WODs - have a couple already.

Press: 115-135-135(fail on 3rd)-135(fail on 3rd)-115

METCON: 5:51 as Rx; kept the row pace in the 1:40s; additional help was that the setup at the gym here was only a 10' distance between rowers and pullup bar