Jan 16, 2013

Thursday 01.17.13

21-15-9 of:
Clean (135/95)
Ring dips

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Coach's Notes. 
In preparation for the open, a quick refresher on major movement standards:
  • Clean -- Each rep starts from the ground; bar must be racked with full hip & knee extension and control of the bar at the top.
  • Ring Dips -- full extension at the top; shoulder is below elbow, bicep touches rings at the bottom.
Valuable insights in the Dip video below. Most stable position at the top is external rotation of the hands to the "11 and 1" position...evaluate against your normal form. Also note KStarr's scaling advice -- don't default to bar dips, get on the rings and use bands for assistance if needed.

Training Videos.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

5-5-5-5-5 @ 255 (~70% 1RM)


Elizabeth @ 8:01

I did sub bar dips ILO of ring dips b/c there are no rings here.

100x CTD push-ups
Not done for time. Slow, deliberate pace to focus on form with FRM and proper mechanics. Did not do CFSPU becuase they tend to tear up my shoulders.

Jacob Heppner said...

Elizabeth: 3:14.

I've made and am in the process of making atlas stones for the bubble. I'll be moving one of them into the gym this afternoon.

Noah said...

8:57 with 5 or 6 of the ring dips band assist. Had not tried the 'kipping' ring dip before but it sure does help, although it feels like cheating.

Jake78 said...


Subbed down to 95lbs and did power cleans instead of full cleans as the workout implies.

Nice and tough, glad I scaled it down in weight, I'd probably still be in there!


Ross said...


Elizabeth- 5:25 used kipping Ring-dips..

Jess said...

6:54 today with 55# and bench dips in lieu of ring dips- probably could have done 65# but I was able to maintain form at this weight. Thanks to the ladies who let me join them today to do this as a group!

Matt B. said...

9:59 @ 115# and purple-banded ring dips. Did the first 11 dips unassisted.

Did some more cleans afterwards, focusing on form, to make up for "less than perfect" form during the WOD.

Andy said...

6:15 Rx, PR by :28 since July. Could have used a set of eyes to ensure I was getting 100% ROM on dips.

Long way to go before I hit 3:14! Nice job, Jacob. Looking forward to atlas stone bowling.

Jared said...

Today made up for the yesterdays swim. 9:01 as RXd. Did all ring dips unassisted but had to take small bites. Tried to kip and it helped. Just another skill I need to work on.

Sadr City King said...

4:32 at 95 lbs scaled down from the 135 rx. Charles

Charles Day said...

Closed down the bubble tonight but couldn't let the sunset without giving Elizabeth hell! 6:37 at 135#, had to scale the last 2 rounds of the ring dips with the purple band...to many push ups this week I guess? Looking forward to the team WOD in the am

janakehau said...

Elizabeth @ 7:32 or so w/55#, then ring dip negatives so I can build up. Thanks to Charles for helping me with my form for the cleans and gonna try 65 or 75# next time...

Russ Ames said...

Amazing times.....good stuff. Me: 9:13 scaled to 115.

Todd Polk said...

5:58 Rx'ed on weight but like Charlie, ran out of juice on the ring dips rounds of 15 and 9, used the purple band. Always a smoker and one I'm striving to improve on.