Jan 9, 2013

Thursday 01.10.13

Santa brought Matt
some new wrist wraps
And now for something completely different…choose one:

A)  Partner up and spend 30 minutes working handstands:
Spend first 5-10 minutes working on kick-ups to free-standing handstand holds (partner assisted/spotted). Then...
5 rounds each of max time handstand holds against the wall.
Use remaining time on handstand development exercises. 

- or - 

B) 20 minutes of handstand development -- if you can't partner, spend as much of the 20 minutes as possible inverted on your hands.

Either way, finish with 3 sets max reps of back extensions.

Post results and insights to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
A lot of latitude on this one. For handstand development use any and all variations you can think of, there are tons of options. On the rings, free-standing, one handed, against the wall (facing out/in), wall walks, on the parallettes, sets of HSPU negatives, pikes on the ground or off a box, press holds, empty bar presses, etc...

Practice open shoulders, hollow body, and global rigidity...no loose body parts.

Rain is on the way. As you cool down, walk around and make sure no med balls are on the deck getting soaked.

Training Videos.
  • "Preparing for a Handstand" - with Roger Farrell (5:00).  Apprehensive about kicking up to a handstand, or how to bail safely?  Watch this one (yeah, you...Todd).  
  • Revisit Monday's video on handstand body position.


Jared said...


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Thrusters 5-5-5-5-5 @ 115/133/133/133/143

Getting past the soreness from "Karen" took me through the warm-up and past the second set. Didn't get "comfortable" until round 3.

Hand stand practice for 15 min.
7:40 sec total time spent inverted.

Jacob Heppner said...

Karen: 5.50
"Fat" Fran (Fran with a 45# weighted vest): 7.59
Started a third workout....but quit as soon as wallballs showed up in it again.

janakehau said...

15 minutes of handstands against the wall this morning

Karen: 6:55

5 more minutes of handstands against the wall.

Had to brace myself coming down the stairs with the baby this morning after this one!

monroe said...

I took a slightly different approach. Wanted to see how long it would take to accumulate 20 minutes in a handstand, rest included. Time 32:02. Got in 4x25squats and 3 sets of Back extensions afterward. Handstands are an exercise in core strength and stability. They're also a great diagnostic for shoulder and wrist mobility. If this was your first time spending some length of time upside-down, what did you discover?
Saw some folks practicing pistols, good job! The fault I observed was more bending over than squatting. The fix I recommended was box squats, going down only so far as you could while retaining an upright torso. The best fix is in preparation for the movement though. Some PNF applied to the hammies and ankle mobility will facilitate better movement.

Jake78 said...

Keeping my shoulder safe yesterday, I did Karen with a 10lb ball.

Did it in 7:05.

Very impressive times on Karen!

Passed on the Handstands for the above reason.

Ross said...


Holy Cow, where did that come from...

I thought "no problem" - boy was I wrong. I ended up modifying this a little bit. Because I was doing my HS by the up-stairs track, after every accumulated minute of hand stands I would do a 200 m run. I was starting and stopping my clock every-time I went into and out of a handstand so I did not keep an overall time, but it was around 30 min of time expired because - I ended up running out of time and had to leave before getting all 20 min (and my body was smoked too so running out of time was a blessing)

- but I accumulated 15 min of hand stand time and did 15 - 200m runs.

Andy said...

5 x freestanding HS: 12-23s
5 x wall HS: 55-61s

Felt like my eyeballs were going to pop at the 1:00 mark. Goofed around afterward with parallette stands and tried some one-armed (OK on R, pretty poor on L). Back extensions were pretty taxing, did 3 x 10.

I've learned to balance upright with my back and neck arched, completely opposite of ideal hollow position -- have a hard time getting weight toward my hands in order to walk forward. Something to work on, for both HS and HSPU.

Mike Anderson said...

Darin and I alternated handstands for 30 min. We both had several over 30 seconds which is an improvement.

Jacob said he did "Fat Fran" by adding a 45 lb vest. I can do Fat Fran WITHOUT the vest!