Jan 2, 2013

Thursday 01.03.13

Pull-up Ladder (& a little something extra) 
With a continuously running clock, do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute... continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.


100 sit-ups.

Post number of pull-up minutes completed.

Coach's Notes.
Pull-ups -- Use whatever technique you can execute best (strict, kip, butterfly).  If you are not confident in your ability to do 8-10 unassisted pullups, consider scaling with bands or with jumping pullups...otherwise, this may be a very short WOD.  If you scale, keep the assistance exercise consistent for all rounds.  Benchmark it, and seek improvement the next time this WOD shows up again (it will!).

Sit-ups -- Not timed...they're in there for additional core work.  Ensure you get full ROM (shoulder blades touch at the bottom, hips flex to full upright seated position at the top).  Otherwise, your choice on the variation used (anchored, unanchored, abmat, butterfly, etc.).

Training Videos.
  • "Pull-up Ladder WOD Demo" - from CrossFit HQ.  Includes lots of instruction/tips on kipping & butterfly pull-ups as well as scaling options.
  •  "AbMat Situp Demo" - courtesy of Reebok CFOne (~1:00). Shows butterfly abmat technique, but the ROM standards described apply to all variations.


Jacob Heppner said...

Death by Pullups:

Ian: got to 18th round
David: got to 15th round
Me: finished 20th round

Followed by OHS work.

Scott S said...

Got to round 14 within the minute. Did 6 in round 15 before calling it.

Grip more than lats and arms was giving out. Tried a new grip pad for the round of 10 that a friend gave me, no help and actually felt off that round.

Meghan Smith said...

Did yesterday's squat work. Not exact numbers, but close enough.

BS: 70, 85, 90, 96--felt good, need to reassess 1RM (did not to CFT last month due to injury)

FS: 60, 70, 80--felt pretty good, should reassess

Justin Mcgovern said...

Made it to round 12 and did 6 in round 13. Like Scott my grip is what was hurting the most. Finished with some work on front squats.

On another note I am trying to get my wife involved in Xfit but she can only go to the gym around 1600. Does anyone know if there is group that meets around that time.

rob said...

I completed 16 rounds and had 10 pull ups into round 17. I was glad to have John P. and Ken G. for the push.

My first fitness goal for 2013: 21 rounds for death by pull-ups.

My second fitness goal for 2013: Successfully complete the Whole30 Challenge in January.

Andy said...

Rnd 17 +10. Always interesting how quickly this one sneaks up on you. One minute you're cruising and the next you're wishing for more recovery time.

Brandi said...

Completed round 11 and got to 9 on round 12 (kipping pull-ups). My arms were still shaking when I got home. Thanks, Rob, for the tip on the super glue. I glued down the skin tears, seems to be working so far.

Noah said...

Completed round of 13, got 8 in the round of 14. Started with dead hang into round 10 and then switched to band assist from round 11 on.

Matt B. said...

had the goal of 13 rounds. Got 11 rounds done, plus 2 in the 12th. Mark M. pointed out that my kip had broken down, I wasn't rigdid, and was using way too much energy. Too true.

70 butterfly situps, 30 "regular" knees up situps.

monroe said...

Followed with 100 sit ups, 100 double unders. In anticipation of the games, I'm doing some of things like burpees, DU's, TTB, a few CTB pullups, every day, not to build volume, just to practice.

Jason McKenzie said...

Did 11 rounds plus 8 on the last before the minute ended. All strict dead hang. Still working on the kip.

SU anchored with one break at 70.

Meghan Smith said...

Justin, If your wife is interested in IMCF, there are a few people periodically around 1630. If she wants a coached program, I coach M-Th at 1700 and Elizabeth coaches MWF 1730.

Ross said...


14 rds even, one short of my goal but just had nothing left for grip at end of 14th rd.

Russ Ames said...

14 rds

Charles Day said...

16 rounds +8; tore a callous in the round of 16 which did me in. On a good note made progress towards a 2013 goal and was able to string 5 butterfly PU in a row!
Followed with an AMRAP of 10 burpees, 10 GHDs, 25 DU, and 10 box jumps.

Todd Polk said...

15 Rounds even....ouch! Hands just couldn't hang on any longer. But new goal of Butterfly pull-ups!