Jan 27, 2013

Monday 01.28.13

21-15-9 reps, for time:
225lb Dead Lift
135lb Overhead Squat

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Coach's Notes. 
Good warm-up targeting the hips and posterior chain. Have a trainer/partner critique and help tweak your OHS form before "3,2,1...Go".  Focus on vertical bar path to directly overhead, active shoulders throughout, and proper depth on your squat.

A quick note on scaling.  Watch the video of Chris Spealler toughing this one out in ~5:00.  A CF legend, gassed between rounds and struggling with OHS form.  The goal of this WOD is power and intensity.  Try to get the right amount on the bars to challenge you for the duration of the workout, but allow you to work consistently and power through that round of 15.

As a guideline, we program to challenge the elite athlete. Scaling is the best way to ensure you derive maximum benefit from a workout.  If you haven't read it before, read this classic Journal article on scaling. And we'll end with some perspective from CrossFit Sky:

Don't go into WODs with the mindset that you must always go Rx (as prescribed).
Go into it thinking, "Today, I will get better."

Training Videos.
  • "21-15-9 DL & OHS" - Spealler performs the WOD and provides talking points along the way.
  • "Overhead Squat Basics" - CFHQ video, short (2:20) and sweet overview of OHS setup and execution.



scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


185lb DL
100lb OHS

Russ Ames said...

11:04......225 DL , 65 OHS .

Jacob Heppner said...

One of the best workouts these past couple weeks.

225# DL & 135# OHS
(Used the same bar and kept stripping/adding weight)

time: 5.31

rob said...

This one put me on my knees. I didn't go Rx but I made some progress...I got better today.

85lb OHS
225lb DL

Welcomed Carlos from Ft. Hood to our group this morning. He just PCS'd from Ft. Hood and was looking for a group.

Jake78 said...

Started out with 225 DL and 135 Front Squat (didn't want to test my shoulder)

After the 21 set of both I was crushed. Holy cow. Scaled the Front Squats to 115, but I was done.

15:18 - wanted to just fall over after the 21 set. Hat's off to ya' Jacob!


Robert Parmenter said...

215# DL and started with 115# OHS, but had to drop to 95# after the first 15 reps. tried to keep up with Andy, failed, but finished at 10:50 and could not breathe at the end. Also ran 2 miles as a warm up, which slowed me down a bit.

Jess said...

Forgot to keep time this morning but managed 115 DL and only 50 on front squat-tried 65 and absolutely failed on first rep attempt. If I had to wager a time it was right around 12 minutes I think.

Ross said...


DL @ 225 and OHS @135
Time - 8:34

This ones a smoker, didn't expect to get hit that had with it.. Good Workout...

Jared said...

225DL and 95OHS 13:00. Did a couple 115 OHS during warmup but decided to WOD at 95lb in an attempt to maintain some speed.

Andy said...

8:12 at 225/95. Similar to Jared -- really tempted to ignore my own advice and go 115, but dropping down was the right choice. Form stayed solid, but too many (& too long) breaks.

Awesome WOD (despite the logistic challenges). Impressive times being posted.

Noah said...

15:13 with 225# and 95#. After the first 14 OHS I had a splitting pain at my head/neck junction so actually stopped the WOD and laid on the ground for several minutes and then eased my way thru the rest of the reps. Had the same thing happen about a year ago on high rep OHS but this time I think I avoided injury. I think I am locking up my entire neck and tweaking a key muscle back there.

Mike Anderson said...

I did this one in the afternoon. I started Rx'd but dropped to 115 for OHS after 8 reps in the rd of 15.

12:00 total time. I was taking a lot of breaks. This one was a real smoker.

Finished with DUs and Hand Stands.