Jan 20, 2013

Monday 01.21.13

Every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 10 mins:
2 x Snatch (70% of 1RM)

Followed immediately by EMOM, 10 mins:
2 x Clean & Jerk (70% of 1RM)

Finish with:
Clean pulls 3-3-3 (100% of clean 1RM)
Snatch dead lift 3-3-3 (100% of snatch 1RM)

Post loads to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Every minute on the minute do two snatches until complete (10 sets) then roll straight into C&J (another 10 sets) on the next minute after snatches are complete. Mobilize with plenty of air squats and PVC overhead squats -- remember your Burgener Warmup.

Clean Pulls -- perform the first and second pulls of a clean without any attempt to pull under the bar. At the top of the extension continue attempting to pull the bar higher, keeping the elbows moving high and outside to keep the bar close against the body.  See demo below.

Training Videos.

Switching it up a bit and posting some videos that don't say CrossFit on them.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Snatch @ 95lbs
C&J @ 135

Defaulted to "power" snatchs and cleans more often than I'd have prefered but was able to maintain the pace.

Clean Pulls @ 205 (~105% 1RM)
Snatch DLs @ 135 (1RM)

50x K2E not for time

Jared said...

Snatch @ 95 and CJ @ 135.

Clean pulls at 165
Snatch DL at 135

Then some max height box jumps and a few DL at 225.

Ross said...


Snatch @ 135
Clean & Jerk@ 185

Clean pulls @235
Snatch DL@ 185

monroe said...

Snatch 115, CJ 140
Clean pulls 205
SnDL 165

Andy said...

Snatch 115, CJ 145
Clean Pulls 225, Snatch DL 185

Enjoyed this one. Finished with MU/ring work.

Russ Ames said...

Good way to start a short week: 95# for snatch & C/J.....155 for clean pulls and snatch DL