Jan 13, 2013

Monday 01.14.13

3 RFT:
30 Hang power snatch 75/45
30 Wall ball 20/14

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Coach's Notes. 
Hang power snatches are a fairly techinical movement. Ensure you are warming up properly, and get a some reps in at low weight to confirm technique before loading up the bar for "Go" time.

Highly recommend the Burgener warmup (see below) for any WODs involving snatch and other Oly lifts. Great for warmup and establishing muscle memory on the individual pieces that build into the overall movement.

If HPS is not in your toolkit yet (even at reduced loads), recommended subs are hang power cleans or sumo deadlift high pulls to exercise powerful hip extension and transfer into a high pull.

Training Resources.
  • Burgener Warm-up - Free CF Journal article that walks through the progressions, with embedded links to short videos that provide a visual explanation.  If you have time (11:00), Coach B walks through the entire warmup here: "Teaching the Snatch"
  • "Hang Power Snatch Demo" - short demo (:40) of what right looks like from Team Burgener.
  • "Efficiency Tips - Snatch Varations" - from Park City CF.  Demos snatches from the ground, but teaching points still apply (line of action, hook grip, dropping the bar).

Another successful Foundations this Saturday -- find these folks in the Bubble and take 'em under your wing.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:


scaled HPS to 65lbs, 18lb WB

It's been a while since I've worked snatches and it showed.

Russ Ames said...

17:15 at 65# scaled.Paul = 19:21if I recall??

Jacob Heppner said...

10 min AMRAP of:
5x R/L KB Snatch 32 Kg
10x KB Wallball variation
5x 45# weighted strict pull-up

Andy said...

14:40 Rx, grip killed me by the end.

Good WOD, this was a great example of "fatigue promotes efficiency". As spent as I was, I think my form stayed solid or even tightened up toward the end. Wouldn't have been able to finish out without it.

Jacob - you got me curious, had to google KB wallballs. Looks fun.

Laura Declouetsmith said...

Laura and Jasmine

We conduct 30 min of cardio prior to today's workout. This truly brought the heat on.

We did HPS at 35 lbs and WB at 10lbs.

Time 18 min

We focused on techniques.

Ed said...

Logging in from JBLM, pretty nice facility on post.

As Rx: 17:38
Like Andy said, grip died quickly and I too found that form improved towards the end. Faster through the transition really is easier.


rob said...

Good to hear from you Ed.

I wasn't ready for 120 HPCs yet, even at a light weight.

500m row
10 x WBS
50 DU

Ed said...
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Ross said...


Should have bumped up the weight on this today. Did as RX'd - 11:57

monroe said...

Remember how your forearms felt after the last WOD with hang power cleans? That was mostly due to arresting the fall of the bar to the hang position. Today, try to control the fall. Recover slowly, use the speed on the transition to overhead.

Jake78 said...

Great job posting pictures of the On-Ramp class!!! I was thinking about that over break - keep up the good work there!

Shoulder is still tweeky so I scaled this one to a 45lbs bar and a 10 pound ball.

Did it in 13:13

Helps if you have tape, I know for me I need to tape my thumb knuckles, paying attention to the inside because that is where it rubs.

Take care!

Jess said...

Did this as Rx and felt it! Finished in 13:57. Thanks Mark for the encouragement today!

monroe said...

12:46 with 65lb bar, 14lb ball. Concur with the form/fatigue/efficiency comments. Saw a lot of straight arm pass thru-type snatch pulls. Use a tight/fast dip drive and lead with elbows.
Followed with double under/box jump/TFU practice.

Way to perservere, Jess!

Noah said...

ouch. Then Noah said 19:22 Rx'd.

Matt B. said...

Did Burgener warmump with PVC, then 45#. Made up a snatch ladder as I went, starting from the ground.

75# - three sets, about 20 reps total
85# - three sets, about 12 reps total
95# - sets of 1-3, about 20 reps total
115# (thought it was 105# when I loaded) - singles, about 20-25 reps

Felt like I was landing broken and overextended. Assessed my midline in setup, and focused on keeping it both neutral and tight. I may have been slightly overextended in setup. Making the fix helped to end with tight neutral midline. Then focused on a big hip extention at mid-thigh. Needs improvement. Mark gave me the pointer to set up with a more upright torso, whereas I was setting up more in a deadlift setup.

Erin Anderson said...

13:38. Tougher than i thought it would be. Great to see so many new people!

Sadr City King said...

Did it in 9:38 concur with Andy on the grip felt weak at the end. Form definitely helps. Charles

Meghan Smith said...

Itching to be there but husband is TDY and there aren't a ton of sitters interested in 0500 jobs. :(

Coached this morning then:
5 Power Cleans 65#
8 Front Squats 65#
11 Abmats
10 min AMRAP
7 rounds even

Will be there Friday for the team WOD if not sooner.

Jared said...

16:02 as Rx'd but paying for it now. Have a nasty muscle pain behind by left shoulder blade that I get every time I try to speed WOD any type of snatch. Much time tonight spent rolling on a trigger ball. Handstands might hurt tomorrow.