Jan 31, 2013

Listen Up -- Hoodie Order Update!

Only a few days left to place your orders! Last day to order is next Monday (4 Feb). GOOD NEWS -- due to the volume of orders, the unit price has dropped to $15.50 per sweatshirt. Those are 1980's prices! You can't afford to not buy one. Remember, payment must be received to complete the order.

To make that part easier, you have two options:

     a) Tom will be at the Bubble this Friday and next Monday, morning (0530-0630) and afternoon (1615-1745).  Bring CASH exact amount only -- $15.50. Sorry, no checks please.
     b) You can make payment via PayPal. "Send Money" to maasat@outlook.com in the amount of $16.50 (includes transaction and withdrawal fee). You must open an account with PayPal to do so.

NOTE -- Order confirmations will be sent on Thursday to the personal email address provided with your order. If you don't get the email, your order was not received. Please contact Tom or re-submit your order online. We will make sure there are no duplicate orders when you pay.


Now quit yo jibber-jabber and order up some hoodies, fool!

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