Jan 31, 2013

Friday 02.01.13

“This and That”

In two person teams, perform as many reps as possible in each of 4 rounds.  Each round consists of six minutes of two exercises…one partner does “this” while the other does “that.”  Teams may switch between “this” and “that” at any time during the round unless otherwise prescribed (row). 

6 minutes per round.  Rest exactly 2 minutes between rounds. (30 mins total WOD time)

Round 1
This:  500m Rows (Athlete 1 rows 500m, then switch. Switch as many times as time permits.)
That:  Wall Ball (20/14)

Round 2
This:  Ground to Over Head (135/95)
That:  Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)

Round 3
This:  Double Unders
That:  Handstand Push ups

Round 4
This:  Pull Ups
That:  Push Ups

Total score is total team reps of all exercises.  For rowing, score 1 point for every 50m rowed (partial under 50m does not count).

Post score to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Normal Friday start times of 0545 and 0615-ish. Todd is planning a 1300 afternoon start. A lot of moving parts to this one. Form up early to warm up, ID your partner and walk/talk through the stations.

Pretty straightforward, grab a whiteboard to keep track of reps and get motivated! Post any scaling techniques used to comments. Refresher on select movement standards:
  • GTO is just what it sounds like -- barbell travels from the ground to a full overhead position by any means necessary (most likely some variation of a clean & jerk). 
  • Burpee box jumps -- crystal clear explanation in the vid below, worth a watch (~ 1:00).
  • Push-ups -- full ROM...chest to deck, extension at the top.
REMINDER: Tom will be collecting hoodie money this morning (0530-0630) and afternoon (1615-1745). Bring cash ($15.50) and pay up...or place an order if you haven't done so already.

Training Videos.
  • "Movement Standards: Burpee Box Jump" - from a 2012 Regional Workout Standard video.
  • "The Choice is Yours" - courtesy of the Black Sheep. Maybe I'm just a child of the 90's, but I can't look at the name of the WOD without this anthem popping in my head. If it's on your iPod, you are honor-bound to provide the soundtrack for "3,2,1...Go."


scottnkelly9901 said...
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scottnkelly9901 said...

MCF Hohenfels:

10x Man makers
20x Double Unders
10x Pull-ups
20x DUs
20x Lunge
20x DUs

@ 38:05

This one took much longer than I anticipated. While complex movements such as the man makers are out of my comfort zone, I believe 90-minutes of ultimate football yesterday afternoon contributed more.

Andy said...

Late start with Laura, we totaled a score of 733. Rx for me, some scaling for my partner (45# GTO, incline PU, jumping Pullups). I was about tapped on the last round of pushups.

Fun WOD, keep the good stuff coming Mark. Will try to play catchup on Jan pictures this weekend. If you have any to submit, send 'em in!

Matt B. said...

Went by myself at lunch. 367 with GTO scaled to 115#, pike HSPU on the 24" box, and many pushups done from the knees. Neat that pullup progression went from doing dead hangs, then kips, then in the last round butterflys. Butterflys helped get over the bar, just couldn't string 'em together. Good to find an equipment malfunction now - insulin pump clipped to gym shorts doesn't hang on well during double unders.

Russ Ames said...

Paul aand I did 629,, or 625...whatever. Great chipper for weeks end.

monroe said...

Ted and I got 716 in a geezer fest, combined age of 96. My biggest contribution was double unders - and age.

Alexander Coder said...

This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here. 

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