Jan 24, 2013

Friday 01.25.13

“Monkey in the Middle”
In 3 person teams:
10 RFT of Med ball/core work

This WOD requires three athletes and a med ball. A GHD is optional but not required.  

Set up -- The team assumes three positions in a line with the middle member (Monkey) on a GHD or sitting on the floor. The other two stand facing one another with one (Feeder) directly behind the seated member, and the other (Catcher) standing 10 feet or so in front of the seated one, holding the med ball.  

Execute -- At go, the Catcher holding the ball throws it to the Feeder. The Monkey must lean back with outstretched arms to receive the med ball, and then (while executing a sit-up) throw it back to the Catcher standing in front of them. Repeat this cycle until 10 passes are complete, then rotate stations (Monkey --> Catcher --> Feeder).

Rotate until all athletes have completed 10 rounds (100 total throws per athlete).   

Post total time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Standard "3,2,1...Go" times of 0545 and 0615, so be warmed up and ready to go.  Todd is organizing another afternoon session, 1400 start. Post others to comments.

Standard for movement is 10’ between standing members; receive the ball at parallel depth if GHD is used, shoulders to the ground if on the floor.

Recommended using light med balls (10/6). Keep the move dynamic...you know how taxing GHDs for reps can be by themselves.

Training Videos.


Jared said...

I will be there at 0730 looking to start about 0800. Need a couple more monkeys.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Bench Press (1RM = ~205lbs)
5-5-5-5-5 @ 145/155/165/175/185

"Jason" @ 24:12

Scaled the Muscle Ups:
"Round 1" - blue band
"Round 2 and 3" - green band
"Round 4" - 20x C2B pull-ups, 20x dips
- all rounds using pull-up bar/dip bar (no rings)

Jacob Heppner said...

This weekend I'm picking up a set of farmer carry bars just like in the picture below:


They'll be in the bubble on Monday, and anyone is free to use them.

Gotta love Craigslist!

Jared said...

All alone this morning. Did 100 wall ball sit ups with 14lb ball and Abmat - 5:24

Then worked handstands by squeezing 10lb dynamax ball between my ankles, jumping to handstand and holding for 30sec. Did 10 times against the wall. Holding the weight forced me to keep legs and hips rigid and centered over my shoulders. Resulted in better balance during unweighted and unsupported handstands.

Ross said...


Was solo today, so I worked mostly on skill stuff. Did some BJ for height, snatches, and hand stands attempted some walks but still only getting a couple of steps in.

Did introduce the cadets to some Med Ball cleans, wall walks, and some work using the big dock ropes this morning.. Always fun!!!

Andy said...

2-man team with Rob, think we finished up around 12:20, 10# med ball from a seated position.

Followed with MU, max box jump, and HS work. Jared - interesting use of the ball on HS, will have to try that...

Russ Ames said...

Me/ken/paul 19:49.