Jan 17, 2013

Friday 01.18.13

Red Light, Green Light (Teams of 3)
Three exercise stations:
Max hold handstand
C2 Rower (units = cal)
Medicine ball cleans (20/14)

At “Go” one team member performs a handstand while one rows for calories and the other performs med ball cleans. Med ball cleans and rowing may only be performed with one team member in a handstand. When he or she drops, all work stops until one of the team returns to a handstand. Teams may rotate stations at any time and in any order. Time stops at 300 cal on the rower.

Team score is (time to row 300 calories) - (# med ball cleans at :01 each).

Solo suggestion is 4RFT:
Max handstand hold
25 Med ball cleans
25 Calorie row    

Post team score (with time & reps) to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Normal morning Team WOD start times of 0545 and 0615. Todd is planning a group start at 1400. Post additional planned start times to comments!

Recommend a quick re-position of the C2 rowers right in front of the wall so row and clean athletes have direct line of sight on their inverted partner.  Row well and win!

Training Videos.


Mike Anderson said...

Rowers are going to be the limiting factor. To compensate I'm going to start a group at 0515 for anyone that wants to go early. Noah - I know you like the early starts so I expect to see you there.

Noah said...

You know Mike, I tried to move some things around so I could make it in there but shedule will not allow it!

For those who have more amenable hours, Jared and I are looking to start around 0800 and could always use a third. All are welcome.

And consider setting your rower(s) to a 140 drag count for uniformity.

Andy said...

In case you didn't catch the signs today, posted bubble hours for MLK Weekend are:
FRI 0500-1700
SAT/SUN Closed
MON 0800-1800

Jared said...

Noah and I definatly need a third for this one. Come by at a more reasonable hour and help us knock it out.

Russ Ames said...

SAMS off Fri, so I will be there 0800, as soon as I drop off daughter at school.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Lead-in: Press
5-5-5-5-5 @ 105 (~70% 1RM)


10x Pull-ups
20x Pushups
30x Situps
40x Squats
1:00 rest

@ 19:45 (minus last minute)

My attempt at remembering "Barbara"

Meghan Smith said...

Great team WOD with Charles and Brent. We finished in 25:39 with 427 MBC, so 16:53.

Some debate about the rowers, as the team next to us pointed out that they finished after we did but their rower said 23 minutes and change. I've got a Concept 2 rower here at home so I'll check the Owner's Manual for info. Not an concern for today, but matters on those long rows!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Jacob Heppner said...

Team Tim/Eric/Jake

Finished in 24:11
Did 272 reps of Med Ball Cleans
Final Time: 19:32
(Don't check my math)

It was good to workout with some guys I didn't initially know.

Ross said...


Solo option 4RFT:
Max handstand hold
25 Med ball cleans
25 Calorie row

Time 17:59 was getting right at a min with each of my handstands. MBCs were slow and lower body is burning right now.

Noah said...

Team Russ/Jared/Noah...we thought we were fighting for a sub 20:00 time, which we were, based on the rower clock, but we also had a stopwatch on the ground running and our actual time was 22:45 on the stopwatch. With 311 MBCs it worked out to 17:34 (22:45-5:11).

So Meg, the disparity you mentioned earlier is either a function of one team letting their rower spin down more or one team using rower time and the other team a stopwatch time.

Mike Anderson said...

Good WOD this morning.

Team Anderson (Mike, Erin & Darin) finished with an adjusted time of 27:03.

I need to coordinate with the Godfather for some mobility lessons.

monroe said...

I made up Elizabeth today. Scaled it to old guy standards, and round 2 of the virus my kids keep bringing home. Preceded and followed by double unders. Getting pretty consistent at stringing together 50-60 at a time. Time to find a new goat!
Mike, anytime you want to get together, I'll help if I can.

Meghan Smith said...

Noah, that seems to be it...I failed to recognize (oxygen depravation maybe?) the idea of the rower clock stopping each time someone stopped pulling, hence only counting the actual row time. Brandi suggested the same thing. Thanks for doing double duty to help compare! Great WOD. Kudos to Ross for doing it solo!

Todd Polk said...

Great team WOD Friday! Mike S./Todd/Ted H. completed in 17:49 - 253 MBC so 13:36. A shout out to Kate, who joined in with us (Since we couldn't think of a good way to add a fourth person, she went through the rotation on a second rower along with Ted but just counted Ted's MBC reps). It worked out well, smoker all around!

Andy said...

Really wanted to get this one in, but couldn't break away from work. Got a light run in, about 28 mins at comfortable pace on Sat.