Jan 10, 2013

Friday 01.11.13

Team WOD: “Three Man Goat-rope”

In 3-person teams, perform three rounds for time:
At “Go” one member starts 100 Double-unders while the remaining two begin burpees. When the 100 Double-unders are done, that athlete drops and begins burpees while one of the other two begins a round of 100 Double-unders. The rotation continues until each athlete has completed 3 rounds of 100 Double-unders.
In other words, each round you do burpees continuously while your 2 teammates finish 100 DU each. 

Post team total time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 

Standard start times of 0545 and 0615, bring your ropes! If you'd like to organize a later start time, post to comments and spread the word.

Make an honest attempt at DU each round before defaulting to singles (sub at 3:1 ratio, 300 singles), even if you can't string 'em well.

Burpees are mainly intended to guilt your partners into going fast, but if you're going to do 'em you may as well count them. Track your individual totals...good chance you'll set a PR for most burpees in a session.
If you must perform as a solo effort, recommend: 3RFT --100 DU's and 20 burpees

Training Videos.

Double-under demos and tips 2 ways:
  • "DU Demo" - the short version (:30), from AlbanyXFit. 
  • "Double Unders" - the long version (8:30) from Again Faster (features James from the last L1).


Noah said...

Jared and I are looking to start this one around 0800 if anyone is interested.

rob said...

I'm starting the regular group at 0545hrs and Scott will start another group at 0615; it's going to be a lot of fun!

Jared said...

Noah is going to be doing a huge number of burpees. I stink at DU. Still need a third, great opportunity to PR your burpees.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

100 DUs
20 Burpees


Amazing how much more difficult DUs are following burpees!

Jacob Heppner said...

10 rounds of:
10x KB Snatch 70#
10x Burpees

Mike looked like he was having a great time over there doing burpees. It was awesome to see a huge group go this morning.

Meghan Smith said...

Was on a team with Rob and Charles. The big clock stopped but we're estimating between 15-16 minutes. Our total number of burpees was 457 or thereabouts. Kudos to the folks doing the burpees in the puddles. Slippery floors make burpees stink even more!

Have a great weekend!!

Jake78 said...

Team Joel, Tim and Jake did the 3 rounds of 100 double unders and 20 burpee workout.

Mercifully we decided not to do the "team" version as that would leave me doing more burpees than I care to count.

Take care and have a great weekend!


rob said...
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rob said...
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rob said...

Nice WOD. Tough WOD. It had a Games 'like' feel to it. Team Meg-charles-Rob did pretty good, unfortunately the clock malfunctioned at some point so we didn't get a score. I think our total burpee count was just over 400. I got to do DUs first and got through 100 quickly, but rounds 2 and 3 were considerably slower - apologies to Charles and Meg. And a big group with a handful of new people today; keep bringing your friends to Friday Team WODs to get them 'hooked'! They will start to want more.

Ross said...


First day of PT back with Cadets after Break, did some good warm ups and then a little "dodge, duck, dive and dodge." After they were done worked on OHS, Snatches, and box jumps..

Noah said...

Had to go solo today...9:44. Followed the recommended 100/20 for 3 rounds although someone challenged me to do 100/50 for 3 rounds but I didn't take that bet.

Noah said...

Ross, you forgot 'dip', the most important of the 5 D's of dodgeball. Except for dodge which may be slightly more important.

Andy said...

30:22 with Sean and Kari. Think we knocked out somewhere around 550 burpees total. Great WOD Mark...let's not do that one again for a long time:)

Mike Anderson said...

Team Anderson finished in 26:40.

I'm not sure how many burpees we had as a team, but I know Erin did the most. Darin and I gave her max opportunity to do burpees.

I did a mix of DUs and SUs and Darin did SUs. Erin was all DUs.

monroe said...

17:40 and around 230 burpees for team Mike Trish and Mark. Mike and Trish did single unders. Funny, before the WOD I was thinking, "Oh, this'll be a good warm up for some squats."
So what are those of you who did the handstands feeling today? I'm feeling a really sticky right shoulder blade. This highlighted an imbalance for me that would not otherwise be detected while doing brief handstand walks or HSPU's, or going to an ortho.

Brandi said...

I did the Karen wod from earlier in the week. I've never done that one before and wanted to as a benchmark. Time was 8:42 as Rx. Definitely feeling it in the legs tonight!

Matt B. said...

Was going to do today's WOD, but feeling the spring air on the way to the locker room convinced me to WOD outside. Jogged to the track with Mark, then did 6 rounds of:
10 pullup
15 elevated pushups

Beautiful day, but I forgot that I strongly dislike running on blustery days. Some part inside wants to cry "not fair" when turning the corner to face a 30mph gust.

Brian said...

Great WOD this morning!! Team Collins did the most Burpees in family history...Followed with some squats,tire flips, and dips...the Burpees may have the last word in the morning...see ya at the On-Ramp tomorrow morning!