Jan 3, 2013

Friday 01.04.13

Team WOD (2-person teams)
Each team performs 10 total rounds (5 rounds per partner) of:
Max reps hang power clean (115/75)
15 Wall ball shots (20/14)

At “Go,” one partner begins wall balls while the other partner performs hang power cleans. Wall ball is the pacing exercise. When one partner completes their 15 wall balls, swap. Score is the team total of hang power cleans after each person has completed five rounds of wall ball.

Post team score (# HPCs) to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Planned morning start times are 0545 and 0615...be warmed up and ready to go. Post additional group start times to comments.

Switch it up...pair up with a partner you've never worked with before.  Mobilize those hips with some dynamic stretches before 3,2,1..go!

Last, keep posting your 2013 goals to the January Coach's Notes page. Give them some thought over the weekend, and follow through by developing a plan to get there. Not sure where to start? Ask a trainer or review some other posts for ideas.

Training Videos.
  • "Hang Power Clean" - with Mike/Sage Burgener.  Quick vid showing proper HPC form.
  • "Wall Ball Demo" - from Northstate CrossFit.  Shows proper movement and efficiency tips.


Erin Anderson said...

Is there a time component? I just don't need the temptation to go slow on the wall balls so my partner gets in lots of cleans!

rob said...
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rob said...

This one was programmed as '5rds', but I've done it as a 10min AMRAP.

Jacob Heppner said...

Unfortunately no time for the team workout this morning.

On another note. I'm picking up some Atlas Stone Molds for the bubble tomorrow in KC. If anyone has experience molding good stones just let me know if you'd like to help out. If not, I will depend upon good ole' Wikipedia.

Ross said...


Team of one here still in SD. So I started with the pacing exercise and whatever my split was on that I used the same time for the next round of Hang Power Cleans for 5 rounds of each, probably got a few extra seconds of breaks between rounds doing the quick math in my head. Grip was smoked waiting to do yesterday's WOD at 5pm lastnight and then hitting the gym at 7am this morning. Lost the bar once in each of the last two rounds due to grip fatigue.

Hang Power Clean total for 5 rds: 60 reps @135.

monroe said...

If you find yourself as a team of one, here's one way to approach the WOD: Do reverse ladders, i.e. 10 cleans, 1 WB; 9 cleans, 2 WB, and so on until you get to 1 clean, 10 WB. That gives you 55 reps of each exercise and makes it easier to maintain intensity (I think). Of course, the downside is that you must do math in public. Keep a whiteboard handy.

Noah said...

Jared/Noah and an interrupted stopwatch...98 HPCs and we're gonna guess ~9:00 on the WOD.

This one got sucky quick.

Andy said...

This one grew legs this morning, and most teams scored it as (Total Time - # HPC). Snapped a photo of the whiteboard, will post it soon.

Teamed with Russ for 7:51 (9:20 - 89 HPC, Rx). Pretty smoked by the end.

Ted Hanger said...

Rob Mendez and I finished WOD at Rx in 7:59.3 with 70 HPC for a net score of 6:49.3. Wall balls went pretty fast for us, HPC were a little harder to string together. For those who were looking to work out in the afternoons, I'm usually here around 1600 and will gladly link up with others.

monroe said...

I did this solo with the reverse ladder as described earlier. 8:27.

Matt B. said...

Did it with a team of three - Mark and Blair. Finished in 8:19. 42 HPCs myself; team of three got 122 total. Really wanted to use the sexy Rogue bar. "Smooth" would describe it's spin, but not the grip/knurling.

Finished with a 1x400ish up Grant to get back to work in time for a meeting. Speaking of, I got Brian MacKenzie's "Speed Power Endurance" book in the mail last night. Looks like a good read for Pose drills, interval structures, and mobility reference. Probably 80% of the typical crossfit movements are covered, not just the run, bike, swim.

janakehau said...

Gwen and I finished at 8:53 I believe with 72 reps for a 7:41 total. I'm not so coordinated when it comes to HPCs. Body hurts already, and grouchy from only day 2 of Whole 30 challenge. Grrrrr!

Mark said...

Worked with Matt B and Blair. Was completely pooped afterwards. Fell asleep at 6 pm last night and stayed that way until 4 15 this morning.