Dec 31, 2012

Tuesday 01.01.13

Happy New Year!  Now get to work...

Run 8 x 200m at 80% effort. Warm up well with several shorter stride-out accelerations.

Post range of split times (slowest, fastest) to comments.

Coach's Notes. 

Gym is closed for the holiday. Weather pending, recommended courses are the track, the straight stretch of the bowling alley road (marked at 100m intervals) or any non-snowy ground you can find.  RESIST THE URGE TO SUBSTITUTE!  Find a way to make it work.

Warmup -- "The shorter we go, the better the warmup needs to be..."  We are running short repeats at relatively high intensity, in the cold weather, and in many cases without a lot of recent run work.  Avoid a pulled hammy for New Year's...warm up with a light jog, some mobility exercises, and some running drills (strides & accelerations) before executing the WOD. Ideas in both videos below.

Pacing -- If you have a benchmark time for 200m, use it to calculate your target split time.  Otherwise, 80% effort means you should be running hard but consistent splits.  It should get progressively harder to maintain your times within +/- 1-2 seconds.

Rest -- Rest as needed, keep intervals under 2:00. Stay active, keep moving.  Dress won't overheat on sprint intervals, but if you're shivering between sprints you'll have a hard time staying loose.

Training Videos.
  • "Running Warm-up" - with Brian McKenzie, CrossFit Endurance.  Great overview (5:00) on the optimal way to prep for a run workout. Intended for endurance athletes, but lots of ideas that are universally applicable.
  • "Pacing" - from CrossfitHQ (4:00).  BMack coaches athletes through 400m repeats, with insights on warmup, pacing, and rest time.


monroe said...

Warmed up with some shoveling, then measured out 220 yards on my street. Felt really motivated to get outside, and the little sun this morning felt great. Cooled down with some more shoveling. The neighbors fell out to see what I was doing, and we started a shovel brigade up and down the street. Didn't time the runs, just concentrated on practicing good form and maintaining that ragged edge of being uncomfortable, but able to finish. That's what 80% is to me.

Andy said...

Marked out a 200m stretch in the neighborhood. Maintained splits of 33-35s, starting each on the 2:00 mark. Felt good, it's been a while.

Followed that with weighted sled pulls back up the hill until my little guys had enough of the cold.

Erik said...



Only got 4 with the family at the track.

Meghan Smith said...

10K row--48:43. Shy of my goal but still a PR. Happy New Year!

Jason McKenzie said...

Ran to the track around 1045 to find it not conducive to sprints. Opted for the IMCF marked road between DFAC and stop sign.

35 on 4,6, and 8 (down hill)
36 on the rest

A little apprehensive on the downhill, but consistent either way. Came home and did Cardio Abs off of the Insanity videos.

Noah said...

Although not the same, I did 35 secs of double unders in lieu of icy sprints. Reps were 58-53-53-54-48-55-52-57.