Dec 31, 2012

Site Update - Info & Feedback

IMCF has a new look for 2013. Aside from the revised format, here's a quick rundown of changes:
  • Tabbed pages at the top for easy access to additional content.
  • "Training" and "Nutrition" resource pages (under construction).
  • "Events" page with special event details and embedded calendar with links to WODs.
    • Click on "Event Details" to access archived WODs.
  • "IMCF in Action" page for submitting user-provided photos and videos.
    • BETA instructions are included; will update and revise procedures as needed.
  • Important news/announcements consolidated at top right.
  • Experimentation with limited social media integration. More to follow if it adds value.
Additional changes will be rolled out incrementally as they are ready. Your feedback is welcome throughout the process. If you see something you like (or don’t like) or have recommendations on additional content, please post to comments here. Happy New Year!

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