Dec 30, 2012

Monday 12.31.12

Ten rounds for time of:
15 Deadlifts (135/95)
15 Push-ups

Post total time to comments.

Coach's Notes. 
Big thanks to Scott Stanger for the quality programming over the last 5 weeks. Take a look at the January programming notes (posted below, with an enduring link in "Announcements") for more insight into the next few months of programming leading up to the CrossFit Open Games in March.

Deadlifts -- maintain good form throughout...try not to bounce the weight off the floor, aim for a deliberate return and controlled "touch and go" at the bottom. See the "Diane" video below for an example of how to efficiently string together deadlifts.

Pushups -- are CrossFit standard pushups (CFSPU)...chest to deck, full extension at the top, and body moves as a rigid unit.

Training Videos.


Rich V. said...


Andy said...

Why do the simple ones on paper always hurt so much? Had a clock malfunction, based on my time for the last five rounds (7:23) I'd estimate a total time of ~13:30.

Light ring work to finish up. Happy New Year!

monroe said...

19:17. Haven't done push ups in those numbers for a long time! Did this with my garage door open. Not freezing was my motivation to stay on pace. Happy New Year everyone. Think about your fitness goals for 2013 and post them tomorrow.

rob said...

I took my two girls with me and they did:
10 KB deadlift at 15lbs
5 push ups
8:00 and 8:05

I did this one RX and I was plesantly surprised with a 10:03. I'll see how my shoulder feels tomorrow after 150 push ups.

Brian said...

Cari and I scaled down this WOD a bit after a day of family horse riding on Sunday! Went with 15/15 for the first 5 sets than 10/10 for the last 5 sets. 115/75 for the deadlifts and focused on form! We left our pride at the door with a 29 min time but we are stronger than a month ago and a lot more confident in the deadlift.

Two kettlebells up for the new IMCF website format!

Happy New Year!

Scott S said...

Happy New Year! Went in late but took my 7 yr old too, who had a blast in the gym.

Rx'd at 10:38.

Andy I'm positive you were faster, I used my timer and tracked the rounds, first 5 were under a min, close to 40 sec, the last 5 went up to 1:25, so I'm betting You similar or faster.

Jared said...

Went in this morning with my 14 y/o son. He did not want to get out of bed. We both did the WOD at 135 and 95. Had to really slow my son down to keep his DL form but he was smoked at the end. 2 hour football practice has nothing on a 15 min WOD.